2 player (one vr) competitive game on created on unity with C#
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Project created by: Allen Ng, Benny Siu, Kody Fintak, and Matthew Luck

An Introduction

Welcome to the dungeon. First off, I want to congratulate you for coming this far. For our beta test we are mostly looking for core ideas/major thoughts you may have while playing this game. Many issues we are currently working to fix, along with implementing many more features, but we are open ears for new features and could use another set of eyes to find more bugs.

To Build and Play

Get some friends together. (Required: 2 people to beta test, Recommend: 3 or 4) Please download the corresponding zip based on your OS (Windows or Mac) and unzip the contents anywhere you please. You will want to open that up, pick your graphics quality (pick highest for more spine tingling effects). Then a menu screen should pop up. Where you have two options, the first player must push Create to make a game.
Note: The map select is functional, but level 1 or the first map has the most love and care put in and is the only map truely meant for the beta.

Once a game is made, the remaining players who seek to play with that person will click the join button, and select the corresponding game name.

Dungeon Master (Game Creator)

If you created the game, you will be the Dungeon Master. Your task as Dungeon Master is to spawn 4 keys which Dungeoneers must find attempt to find, however you try to prevent them from reaching them. Once all four are spawned, you will be able to spawn minions in order to kill the Dungeoneers before a single Dungeoneer can collect all four keys. If one does so, you will be defeated.
Note: You MUST spawn all 4 keys on the map before you can spawn any enemies for the Dungeoneers to fight. ###Dungeon Master Controls W A S D: Move around
Q E: Zoom in and out
Key Spawn: Click and hold left-mouse click and drag to position you want key to be dropped.
Skeletons: Skeletons you are able to draw a path for them to walk on. Left-mouse click from the Skeleton button to the start position of the path on the map, then up to four more points in the path for the skeleton to walk on.
Cyclops: Click and hold left-mouse click and drag to position you want to spawn the Cyclops.

Dungeoneer (Join Dungeon Masters Game)

To be a Dungeoneer, join an existing lobby (usually held by one of your friends). Your task is to collect all four keys and defeat each other Dungeoneer before you can achieve victory. Along the way the Dungeon Master will spawn minions to defeat you, and other Dungeoneers will do their best to kill you and collect keys themselves.

Dungeoneer Controls

W A S D - Move around
Space - Jump
Shift - Sprint
Left-Click Mouse - Sword Swing
Q - Shoot magic

What We Want From You

We have a google forum set up with 3 things, how much fun you are having, suggestions for new features and new bugs. When giving new features and reporting new bugs, make sure you go to our git repository and look at our issues for this sprint for what we are adding/fixing.

Day 1 Objective Statements:

Multiplayer competitive game on created on Unity 5.4 with C#. Tentatively called "Dungeon 32 VR" (3 Stands for 3D and 2 Stands for 2D) One person will be in a dungeon full of enemies and keys to get in VR, while the other player will see a 2D representation of the dungeon and have the ability to spawn enemies/traps to try and kill the other player.

Final project might contain:
Robust Melee
Experience System
Smart AI
"Magic" combat
Dangerous Traps