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Source code of as it was in 2007
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Source code of as it was in 2007 This game was conceived when went to a pay to play model. The two top players at the time, Toshax and Lord ArPharazon, recreated their world in a new and totally free online game, Shimlar. It ran from 2000 to 2007 and resulted in a lot of copies/spin-offs.

The code is a complex interaction between code in the webserver (Apache - the httpdocs folder) and php code (in the /incz). A command resulted in a php file being executed with the result printed into a javascript function call. The jscripts are on the client side to draw the required lay-out on the screen.


! optional ! If name reservation was used Clean table Reservation. Fill it with charnames from Players as follows "insert into Reservation (select p.Name, p.Password, p.Login, p.Channels from Players p, Stats s where p.Id = s.Id and (s.Lvl>49 or s.banked > 999999))"

Other commands required to clean the database: delete from Players; delete from Stats; delete from Inventory; delete from Transfers; delete from Buddy; delete from Wedding; delete from Clans; delete from Housing; delete from Kingdoms; delete from Login; delete from Market; delete from Messages; delete from PKLog; delete from PKTag; delete from Quests; delete from Wedding; delete from chat1; delete from chat2; delete from chat3; delete from chat4;

Finally truncate the tables mentioned above to reset the auto_increment to 0 Create a fake clan with cid 200 and you're ready to go!

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