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const tz = require('../converters/toZigbee');
const exposes = require('../lib/exposes');
const e = exposes.presets;
const ea = exposes.access;
const fz = {...require('../converters/fromZigbee'), legacy: require('../lib/legacy').fromZigbee};
const reporting = require('../lib/reporting');
module.exports = [
zigbeeModel: ['wall pir'],
model: 'PRZ01',
vendor: 'J.XUAN',
description: 'Human body movement sensor',
fromZigbee: [fz.ias_occupancy_alarm_1_with_timeout, fz.battery],
toZigbee: [],
exposes: [e.occupancy(), e.battery_low(), e.battery()],
zigbeeModel: ['door sensor'],
model: 'DSZ01',
vendor: 'J.XUAN',
description: 'Door or window contact switch',
fromZigbee: [fz.ias_contact_alarm_1, fz.battery],
toZigbee: [],
exposes: [, e.battery_low()],
zigbeeModel: ['JD-SWITCH\u000002'],
model: 'WSZ01',
vendor: 'J.XUAN',
description: 'Wireless switch',
fromZigbee: [fz.WSZ01_on_off_action, fz.battery],
toZigbee: [],
exposes: [e.action(['release', 'single', 'double', 'hold']), e.battery()],
zigbeeModel: ['00090bdc'],
model: 'SPZ01',
vendor: 'J.XUAN',
description: 'plug',
fromZigbee: [fz.on_off, fz.electrical_measurement, fz.metering],
exposes: [e.switch(), e.power(), e.power_outage_memory().withAccess(ea.STATE_SET)],
toZigbee: [tz.on_off, tz.SPZ01_power_outage_memory],
configure: async (device, coordinatorEndpoint, logger) => {
const endpoint = device.getEndpoint(1);
await reporting.bind(endpoint, coordinatorEndpoint, ['genOnOff', 'haElectricalMeasurement']);