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@Koenkk Koenkk released this May 13, 2019

Important notes

  • New CC253x firmware is available here (changelog)
  • The firmwares have been unified, meaning there is only one firmware available for each device.
    • The new firmware should cover most of the aspects that the 3 different flavours did.
    • It has the same stability as the max stability firmware
    • It allows up-to 25 direct children (max devices allowed 45, this gap can be covered with a single CC253x router, if for some reason you really require the max devices firmware, it can be download here)

New features


  • #1432 eCozy thermostat Home Assistant discovery (note: please create an issue for other thermostats)
  • #1401 Pairing of Xiaomi end devices
  • #1447 ICTC-G-1 add action to payload
  • #1462 Improve non-JSON output (remove some ")
  • #943 Xiaomi QBKG03LM and QBKG04LM reliability
  • #959 Get rid of 1 - 2 second trigger limit when integrating button via Home Assistant entity (documentation)


  • #1411 Fix L1 and L2 inputs of LLKZMK11LM
  • #1064 Only setup reporting for non battery powered routers
  • #1420 Don’t identify Trust device as Xiaomi device
  • #405 QBKG12LM and QBKG11LM decoupled mode not working
  • #1482 Fix Docker container being killed instead of stopped
  • #1383 Device availability: fix state when device was off before going offline
  • #1473 Fix setpoint_raise_lower
  • #1496 Fix invalid arrow_right_click message when holding toggle button
  • #1408 Fix end devices unreachable (requires new firmware, see notes above)

New supported devices

  • 046677476816 Philips Hue white PAR38 outdoor
  • SWITCH EDP RE:DY EDP re:dy switch
  • 50043 Paulmann SmartHome Zigbee Cephei Switch Controller
  • HS1-WL-E HEIMAN Water leakage sensor
  • HLC610-Z Shenzhen Homa Wireless dimmable controller
  • AC0363900NJ OSRAM Smart+ mini gardenpole RGBW
  • LXZB-02A Nue / 3A Smart light controller
  • GL-S-004Z Gledopto Zigbee Smart WW/CW GU10
  • SCM-5ZBS Climax Roller shutter
  • YRD226HA2619 Yale Assure lock
  • YMF40 Yale Real living lock
  • V3-BTZB Danalock BT/ZB smartlock
  • 3RSS008Z Third Reality RealitySwitch Plus
  • 99432 Hampton Bay Universal wink enabled white ceiling fan premier remote control
  • 511.10 Iluminize Zigbee LED-Controller
  • IM6001-MPP01 SmartThings Multipurpose sensor (2018 model)
  • HLC821-Z-SC Shenzen Homa ZigBee AC phase-cut dimmer
  • RS 228 T Innr GU10 Spot 350 lm, dimmable, white spectrum
  • 67200BL Anchor Vetaar smart plug
  • 2430-100 Gira ZigBee Light Link wall transmitter
  • 100.425.90 Paul Neuhaus Q-PLUG adapter plug with night orientation light
  • 74580 Sylvania Smart Home soft white PAR38 outdoor bulb
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