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@Koenkk Koenkk released this Sep 9, 2019


  • This will be the last release that will ship with zigbee-shepherd (the underlying Zigbee library). The next release will use zigbee-herdsman, see #1888 for more information.



  • #1417 Linkquality for IKEA TRADFRI signal repeater
  • #1774 Set whitelist to empty array when null


  • #1722 Prevent duplicate report messages
  • #1785 Correct log of group ID
  • #1511 Fix wrong state on interval report for Xiaomi contact sensors.
  • #1848 Log entry for group add is incorrect
  • #1855 Fix commit hash output in version info
  • #1874 Fix logging of groupid's

New supported devices

  • 1741830P7 Philips Hue Lily outdoor spot light
  • 17436/30/P7 Philips Hue Welcome white flood light
  • 2AJZ4KPFT Konke Temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2AJZ4KPKEY Konke Multi-function button
  • 3306431P7 Philips Hue Struana
  • 73741 Sylvania LIGHTIFY LED adjustable color RT 5/6
  • 915005587401 Philips Hue white ambiance Adore light
  • 9290018187B Philips Hue white and color ambiance LightStrip Outdoor
  • 9290022166 Philips Hue white and color ambiance E26
  • 9290022167 Philips Hue white ambiance E26 with Bluetooth
  • AC01353010G OSRAM SMART+ Motion Sensor
  • AC08559 OSRAM SMART+ Spot GU10 Multicolor
  • B00TN589ZG CREE Connected bulb
  • D1 Ubisys Universal dimmer D1
  • DIYRuZ_KEYPAD20 Custom devices (DiY) DiY 20 button keypad
  • DIYRuZ_R4_5 Custom devices (DiY) DiY 4 Relays + 4 switches + 1 buzzer
  • DTB190502A1 Custom devices (DiY) [CC2530 based IO Board
  • DZ4743-00B Lingan Zigbee OnOff controller
  • F-WTR-UK-V2 SmartThings Water leak sensor (2018 model)
  • GLSK3ZB-1711 Hej Goqual 1 gang Switch
  • GLSK3ZB-1712 Hej Goqual 2 gang Switch
  • GLSK3ZB-1713 Hej Goqual 3 gang Switch
  • GLSK6ZB-1714 Hej Goqual 4 gang Switch
  • GLSK6ZB-1715 Hej Goqual 5 gang Switch
  • GLSK6ZB-1716 Hej Goqual 6 gang Switch
  • HS1CG-M HEIMAN Combustible gas sensor
  • IM6001-WLP01 SmartThings Water leak sensor
  • J1 Ubisys Shutter control J1
  • LED1736G9 IKEA TRADFRI LED bulb E27 806 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, clear
  • LED1837R5 IKEA TRADFRI LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, dimmable
  • LVS-SN10ZW_SN11 LivingWise Occupancy sensor
  • LVS-ZB15R LivingWise Zigbee smart outlet
  • LVS-ZB15S LivingWise ZigBee smart in-wall switch
  • LZL4BWHL01 Lutron Connected bulb remote control
  • PM-C140-ZB Dawon DNS IOT remote control smart buried-type outlet
  • PSB19-SW27 GE Link smart LED light bulb, A19 soft white (2700K)
  • RF 263 Innr E27 filament bulb dimmable
  • RF 265 Innr E27 bulb filament clear
  • S1 Ubisys Power switch S1
  • S2 Ubisys Power switch S2
  • TH1123ZB Sinope Zigbee line volt thermostat
  • TT001ZAV20 TUYATEC Temperature & humidity sensor
  • Z01-A60EAE27 Sengled Element Plus (A60)
  • Z3-1BRL Lutron Aurora smart bulb dimmer
  • ZA806SQ1TCF Leedarson LED E27 tunable white
  • ZM-CSW002-D Zemismart 2 gang switch
  • ZNCZ03LM Xiaomi Mi power plug ZigBee TW
  • ZNMS13LM Xiaomi Aqara S2 Lock Pro
  • Zen-01-W Zen Thermostat
  • ptvo.switch Custom devices (DiY) Multi-channel relay switch
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