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Authentic Gameplay Modification

The AGM tries to achieve the maximum amount of authenticity possible in Arma 3 without sacrificing playability. The mod is modular, so you can disable features that you don't want or are incompatible with other mods. All the code is open-source, so everyone can contribute, or fork this repo and customize it to their own needs.

Below you can find lists with the features that are already included. If you want to see what we have planned, simply look at the feature requests on the issue tracker.

If you downloaded AGM, but have no idea where to start, visit this page.


This list shows the most prominent features of AGM, sorted by the PBO containing them


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Adjusted AI skill values
    The idea here is to reduce the AI's godlike aiming capabilties while retaining it's high intelligence. The AI should be smart enough to move through a town, but also be 'human' in their reaction time and aim.
    Note: All these values can still be adjusted via scripts, these arrays just change what 0 & 1 are for setSkill.
  • Firing in burst mode
    AIs will now use the automatic mode of their weapons on short distances, instead of always relying on firing single shots in quick succession.
  • Longer engagement ranges
    The maximum engagement ranges are increased: AI will fire in bursts with variable length on high ranges of 500 - 700 meters, depending on their weapon and optic.
  • No deadzones in CQB
    Some weapons had minimum engagement ranges. If you were as close as 2 meters to an AAF soldier, he wouldn't open fire, because the AI couldn't find any valid fire mode for their weapon. AGM removes this behaviour mostly notable in CQB by adding a valid firing mode.
  • No scripting
    All changes of AGM AI are config based to ensure full compatibility with advanced AI modifications like ASR AI.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Adjusted flight behaviour
    Changes the flight behaviour of various aircraft.
  • Various adjustments to A2A, A2G and G2A munitions
    - needs documentaion -
  • Missile lock warnings
    Adds missile-lock warning systems to helicopters and planes based on the various real life capabilities.
  • Semi-automatic flare mode
    Adds the semi-automatic flare mode known from Arma 2. The key to switch the mode still exists in Arma 3's key settings, but is unused.
  • Ejecting from pilot and copilot seats
    Pilots and copilots of all helicopters can now eject.
  • Laser marker for wildcat
    Adds a laser marker to the copilot seat of the Wildcat.
  • HUD for AH-9
    Adds a HUD to the AH-9 based on the comanches HUD.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Attach items to uniform
    Enables player to attach IR grenades and chemlights to themselves.
  • IR Strobe
    Adds an attachable IR strobe, which is only visible using night vision devices and offers better visibility than IR grenades.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • AT weapon backblast
    Creates a backblast zone behind units firing AT weapons. The size and shape of the backblast zone depends on the launcher used.
  • 120mm tank gun danger zone
    Creates an overpressure zone in front of tank cannons when firing.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Lock backpack
    Adds the ability to lock backpacks. Locked backpacks can't be accessed by others.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Realistic rifle ammunition
    Changes include adjusted muzzle velocity, air friction and dispersion based on real life values.
  • Body armour nerf
    Nerfs protection values of vests, CSAT uniforms and various campaign only gear to more realistic levels comparable to Arma 2 levels.
  • Realistic silencers and sub-sonic ammunition
    Silencers no longer decrease the muzzle velocity and are generally less effective when used with normal ammunition. They now only remove the muzzle blast and flash. To prevent the crack caused by super sonic projectiles, AGM introduces sub sonic ammunition. This is also fully compatible with AI. Sub sonic ammunition is available for the calibers 5.56mm, 6.5mm and 7.62mm.
  • Armour piercing ammunition
    Armour piercing rounds have higher penetration values against light armoured targets or other obstacles on the battlefield. Their drawback is a slighly decreased man-stopping power. AP rounds are available for the calibers 5.56mm, 6.5mm and 7.62mm.
  • IR-Dim tracer ammunition
    IR-Dim ammunition is similar to tracer rounds, but their tracers are only visible using night vision devices.
  • M118 Long range ammunition
    The M14 EBR now uses ammunition with decreased muzzle velocity and air friction to improve precission on long ranges.
  • Flash suppressors
    Flash suppressors are similar to sound suppressors and prevent the muzzle flash reducing visibilty without decreasing combat effectiveness. Flash suppressors are available for the calibers 5.56mm, 6.5mm, 7.62mm, .45 ACP and 9mm.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Take captives
    Introduces a captivity system for taking and moving prisoners.
  • Load and unload captives into / from vehicles
    - needs documentaion -
  • Frisk captives
    - needs documentaion -


Requires: CBA_A3

  • The heart and mind of AGM. Provides common functions used all over the mod. No gameplay changes.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Elite mode adjustments
    Adjusts the default settings for the hardest difficulty to more closely resemble A2 settings. (No crosshair, stat screen, death messages, ...)


Requires: AGM_Core

  • NLAW disposable anti tank weapon
    Makes the NLAW disposable and provides the tools for other addons to do the same.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Advanced explosives placement
    Enables more precise placement of explosives.
  • More trigger types
    Offers different trigger types, like clackers and dead man switches.
  • Attack explosives to vehicles
    Enables attaching explosives to vehicles.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Fire control system
    Offers a custom fire control system for tanks and helicopters. It enables engaging stationary and moving targets. To engage moving targets, place the crosshair on the enemy vehicle and press and hold tab. Follow the moving target with your crosshair for about 2 seconds and release tab. The optic will now be adjusted sideways to ensure a hit. (Tab - Key)
  • Manual lasing targets
    Changes the default rangefinders, including those in vehicles, to require manual lasing (Hold Tab - Key)
  • Air burst ammunition
    Anti air cannons can now use airburst ammunition. It will explode on the FCS' zeroed in range.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Get in via interaction menu
    Enables the player to get into vehicles via the AGM interaction menu. An optional modules can be placed to enable the player to enter enemy vehicles.


Requires: AGM_Core, (AGM_Medical)

  • G forces simulation
    Introduces g-force simulation to jets and helicopters. Pilots, and to a lesser extent helicopter pilots, will be less vulnerable to G froces. Anti-G suits will reduce those effects aswell.
    If AGM_Medical is being used, supports GLOC (G-Force induced loss of consciousness).


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Provides colour effects for sunglasses
  • Dust thrown up by helicopters, explosions and gunfire
  • Other visual effects like raindrops


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Throw modes
    Provides different modes for throwing grenades (high throw, precision throw and drop mode).
  • Hand flares
    Adds throwable hand flares in the colors white, red, green and yellow. Additionally buffs existing flares.
  • M84 stun grenade
    Adds stun grenade. This will also affect AI.


Still WIP


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Hearing damage simulation
    Introduces hearing damage caused by nearby explosions and large-caliber weapons.
  • Earplugs
    Adds ear plugs to mitigate that effect. Soldiers with high caliber weapons or missile launchers will be equipped with those, but remember to put them in.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Interaction menu
    Adds a new interaction system for yourself and other units/vehicles. The users can choose between a command-rose menu, and a "Flow Menu".
  • Team management Adds team and group management options. (Join fire teams, leave your group etc.)
  • Gestures and shoulder tapping
    Adds gestures, the option of tapping someone on the shoulder.
  • Interaction with civilians
    Provides interaction options with civilians. (sending them away etc.)
  • Incremental door opening Introduces a hotkey for door opening and incremental door opening. (Hold Strg + Space and scroll mousewheel)

Please note: "Strg" maps directly to the "Ctrl" key on English keyboard layouts.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Resized inventory UI
    Makes the inventory dialog bigger and increases the number of items that can be seen in the list at once.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Overhauls the repair system
  • Associates items with replacing tyres and tracks (cars come with a spare tyre)
  • Provides more options for refueling (jerrycans, draining fuel from one vehicle for another one etc.)
  • Enables cargo transport (load ammoboxes and static weapons into vehicles)
  • Enables fortification placement.
  • Advanced static weapons interaction (drag and rotate static weapons)
  • Adds the option to cut fences using the toolkit
  • Adds recharging UAVs with batteries


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Repacking magazines
    Adds ability to repack magazines of the same type. An optional module provides options to adjust the repacking time of single rounds and whole magazines to the mission maker.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Increases size of coordinates and compass on the map
  • Brings back the NATO symbols
  • Adds a map tool for easier measuring of distances
  • Enables players with map tools to draw lines on the map
  • Adds a bluforce tracking module
  • Displays coords on the map for players with a GPS


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Improved marker placement
    Expands the "Insert Marker" menu and allows to rotate map markers. Show the currently selected channel to prevent misplacement.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Introduces localized damage (head, torso, l. & r. leg, l. & r. arm)
  • Adds pain and morphine simulation
  • Introduces unconsciousness and bleeding
  • Enables patient transport (dragging, carrying, loading into vehicles)
  • Removes differences in armor for different units


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Jumping
    Adds the ability to jump when pressing the vault key while moving. (V - key)
  • Minor animation tweaks
    Walking slowly with the weapon lowered now has a less silly looking animation.
  • Fatigue adjustments
    Soldiers get fatigued slower, but regain their stamina slower aswell. Fatigued soldiers have a faster walking speed and no longer turn into snails.
  • Weight display
    Adds a weight of the current loadout display in the inventory to estimate the fatigue gain while moving in combat. Can be adjusted to display lb. instead of kg in the AGM Options Menu.
  • Optics view in all stances
    The player can now use the sights of rifles and pistols in all prone stances.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Nametag and rank display
    Adds nametags and soldier ranks to friendly players in multiplayer. This can be adjusted in the AGM Options Menu to not display the rank, display all nametags of nearby soldiers instead of those who are looked directly at, to require a button press to show the nametags or to disable them altogether.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Image quality and FOV
    Adds different night vision devices with varying image quality and field of view. New Classnames for Generations 1,2,4 NVGs (default ArmA3 NVGs represents Generation 3) and a wide view NVG.
  • Blending effects
    Adds a blending effect depending on ammunition type when firing while using a night vision device. Especially tracer rounds are bright, but you can use the IR-dim tracers from AGM_Ballistics to reduce tis effect.
  • Brightness adjustment
    Enables the user to manually adjust NVG brightness. (Alt + PgUp, Alt + PgDn - key)


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Silent avatar
    Mutes the player's automatic callouts (Enemy man - 100m - Front). This will no longer mute AI since version 0.95.


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Weapon Jamming
    Adds a propability to jam a weapon when firing. Jams can be cleared by reloading or by using the clear jam-key. (shift + R key)
  • Temperature simulation
    Introduces weapon temperature simulation depending on weapon and bullet mass. Hot weapons are more prone to jamming. Depending on weapon type the accuracy and in extreme cases the muzzle velocity might be reduced on high temperatues. Adds smoke puff and heat refraction effects to indicate this.
  • Spare barrels
    Adds the ability to changes barrels on machine guns to compensate for those effects.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Altimeter
    Removes the altitude and descend speed UI elements when free-falling and parachuting on higher difficulties and instead adds an altimeter watch type item.
  • Non-steerable parachute
    Adds a non-steerable parachute variant for jet pilots. Model is still a place holder.
  • Landing animation
    Smoothens parachute landing animation.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Adjusted Ragdolls
    Changes the ragdolls to react more to the force of shots and explosions.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Real names
    Changes the names of vehicles, magazines, weapons, grenades, explosive charges and mines to their respective real-world counterparts whenever possible.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Recoil adjustment
    Overhauls the recoil system reducing upwards recoil.
  • Advanced cam shake
    Introducing camshake when firing on foot or as vehicle gunner depending on stance and weapon type.
  • Burst dispersion
    Firing in longer burst (> 3 rounds per burst) slightly reduces the accuracy. Firing machine guns in bursts is now useful.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Ammo count
    Hides the actual round count of magazines and removes the icon when the current magazine is emptied. The player can instead check the magazine weight, but that gives only estimated values for magazines with more than 10 rounds. (Strg + R key)


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Respawn with same gear
    Requires the Respawn Gear module to be placed. Respawned soldiers now have their loadout when killed.
  • Friendly Fire messages
    Shows friendly fire warnings in system chat if the module is placed. Works even in higher difficulties where kill messages are normally disabled.
  • Rallypoints
    Adds rallypoints to all 3 sides to enable teleportation from base spawn to FOBs. Requires some setup from the mission maker.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Weapon resting
    Introduces weapon resting and bipod deployment. (Tab - key)


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Safety
    You can now use the safety mode of any weapon. Switching weapon modes takes the safety off. (Strg + ~ key)


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Enables snipers to adjust their scopes horizontally and vertically in mils.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Magazine Names
    Unifies the name formatting of magazines similar to Arma 2 standards.
  • No tracers in non-tracer mags
    Assault rifles no longer have tracer rounds in their non-tracer magazines. This doesn't effect the additional tracers in the last rounds of machine gun magazines.
  • Real magazine round counts
    All pistol and sub machine gun magazines now have adjusted capacaties to match their real life counterparts.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Body Warmth
    Adjusts the thermal properties of humans making them less like torches.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Top Down Mode
    Adds a top-down attack mode for the compact Titan. (P key to toggle between direct and top down mode)


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Adds the Vector IV rangefinder, including all real-life usage modes (distance between two points, angle between two points etc.)


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

- needs documentaion -


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Speedlimiter
    Adds ability to limit the max. speed of any vehicle. (Delete key)
  • Engine start delay
    The engine has to be started before the vehicle can move. Starting the engine takes aprox. 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Fuel capacity
    The range of all vehicle gets siginificantly reduced to reflect ranges of their real life counterparts. Scaled down to match the relative short distances in Arma. A full vehicle on mission start should still most likely never need a refueling during a mission.
  • Main gun muzzles
    APCs and Tanks now share a muzzle for all ammunition types of their main guns. This prevents an exploit that skips the reloading time of a round or clip while changing the ammunition type. Also makes it possible to switch between ammunition types using the scroll wheel like in Arma 2.
  • Boat machine gun tracers
    NATO and AAF armed boats now use their respective tracer colours like any vehicle when they fire their rear gun. (Red for BluFor, yellow for Indep)
  • Improved smoke launcher of Fennek (Strider)
    Reduced smoke sheel count and launch angle of the AAF Fennek to match the models smoke launcher.
  • Stabilized optic of Fennek (Strider)
    Stabilizes the commander's view in the Fennek (Strider).
  • Vehicle mounted machine guns ROF
    The rate of fire of vehicle mounted miniguns and machine guns is adjusted to match real life values.
  • 120mm gun and mortar behavior
    MBT main guns and mortars can no longer lock on enemies. The AT rounds of both now have raised cost values to encourage the AI to not use those rounds against foot soldiers over their machine guns or HE rounds.


Requires: AGM_Core

  • Weapon select
    The number key can be used to quickly switch between weapons. (1 key - pistol, 2 key - rifle, 3 key - grenade launcher, 4 key - rocket launcher, 5 key - binocular)
  • Holster weapon
    Adds the ability to holster a weapon on the back. (0 key)
  • Engine select
    Quickly turn engine on and off (1 key - turn off, 2 key - turn on)
  • Weapon select
    Quickly switch between vehicle weapons (1-3 key)
  • Grenade select
    To prevent accidents a grenade has to be selected before it can be thrown. Toggles between explosive and non-explosive grenades. When spamming the throw key, the player won't automatically switch to frag grenades when all smokes are used up. Also shows an indicator to quickly see how many grenades are left when selecting and after throwing (6 key - switch between frag grenades, 7 key - switch between other grenades)


Requires: AGM_Core, AGM_Interaction

  • Adds ballistic influences of wind, air density and temperature
  • Introduces the Kestrel wind measuring device
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