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add the guard condition keyword and,not

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1 parent 86628bd commit 9426a5168acbc12a5dd8f3b01acff59db6ba36e1 @KohPoll committed Aug 17, 2012
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@@ -38,10 +38,10 @@ hi def link lessVariable Identifier
" mixin: .mixin (arguments) when (condition)
" the char list we will not highlighted
syn match lessMixinChars "[(),:]" contained
-syn match lessMixin "\.[[:alnum:]_-]\+[^{;]*" contains=@lessCssAttributes,lessVariable,lessFunction,lessMixinWhen,lessMixinChars
-syn keyword lessMixinWhen when contained
+syn match lessMixin "\.[[:alnum:]_-]\+[^{;]*" contains=@lessCssAttributes,lessVariable,lessFunction,lessMixinGaurd,lessMixinChars
+syn keyword lessMixinGaurd when and not contained
hi def link lessMixin cssClassName
-hi def link lessMixinWhen Label
+hi def link lessMixinGaurd Keyword
" & syntax
syn match lessAmpersand "&"

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