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"dependencies": {
"long_description": "Description\n===========\n\nThis cookbook installs a copy of the Koha library software ( from git.\n\nRequirements\n============\n\n## Cookbooks:\n\n* apache2\n* mysql\n* perl\n\n## Platforms:\n\nCurrently only Ubuntu 12.04 is supported.\n\nAttributes\n==========\n\n* `default['koha']['install_mode']` - Koha install mode: \"dev\", \"standard\" or \"single\"\n* `default['koha']['install_base']` - Where to put the git checkout\n* `default['koha']['user']['name']` - User koha runs as\n* `default['koha']['user']['home']` - Home directory for koha user\n* `default['koha']['repository']` - Defaults to \"git://\"\n* `default['koha']['revision']` - Defaults to \"3.8.x\"\n* `default['koha']['database']['type']` - mysql or postgres (only mysql supported by this cookbook)\n* `default['koha']['database']['name']` - Name of the koha database\n* `default['koha']['database']['host']` - Hostname of the database server\n* `default['koha']['database']['port']` - Database port\n* `default['koha']['database']['user']` - Database username for koha\n* `default['koha']['database']['password']` - Database password for koha\n* `default['koha']['database']['admin_user']` - Database admin user\n* `default['koha']['database']['admin_password']` - Database admin password\n* `default['koha']['webserver']['ip']` - IP address to serve koha on\n* `default['koha']['webserver']['host']` - Hostname to serve koha on\n* `default['koha']['webserver']['opac_port']` - Port for the OPAC to listen on\n* `default['koha']['webserver']['admin_port']` - Port for the admin interface\n\nUsage\n=====\n\n {\n \"koha\": {\n \"install_base\": \"/home/ubuntu/koha\",\n \"deploy\": {\n \"user\": \"ubuntu\",\n \"group\": \"ubuntu\"\n },\n \"user\": {\n \"home\": \"/home/ubuntu\"\n }\n },\n \"mysql\": {\n \"server_root_password\": \"password\",\n \"server_repl_password\": \"password\",\n \"server_debian_password\": \"password\"\n },\n \"apache\": {\n \"listen_ports\": [\n \"80\", \"8080\"\n ]\n },\n \"run_list\": [\n \"recipe[apache2]\",\n \"recipe[apache2::mod_rewrite]\",\n \"recipe[apache2::mod_headers]\",\n \"recipe[apache2::mod_deflate]\",\n \"recipe[perl]\",\n \"recipe[mysql::client]\",\n \"recipe[mysql::server]\",\n \"recipe[koha::requirements]\",\n \"recipe[koha]\"\n ]\n }\n",
"recipes": {
"groupings": {
"recommendations": {
"providing": {
"maintainer": "Elliot Pahl",
"suggestions": {
"platforms": {
"ubuntu": ">= 12.04"
"maintainer_email": "",
"description": "Installs/Configures koha",
"replacing": {
"conflicting": {
"version": "0.0.1",
"name": "koha",
"license": "GPL v3",
"attributes": {
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