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Bioinformatics Tool for Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization
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Bioinformatics tool for predicting protein subcellular localizations

This repository mainly provides a containerized installation of SherLoc2 as a webservice.
Just build the image and start the container using the script
Have a look into that script to learn how everything works and to make some changes.

Citing & Further Information

If you use SherLoc2 please cite the following publications:

Briesemeister, S.; Blum, T.; Brady, S.; Lam, Y.; Kohlbacher, O. and Shatkay, H. (2009)
SherLoc2: a high-accuracy hybrid method for predicting subcellular localization of proteins.
J. Proteome Res., 8(11):5363-5366

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