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Legislative Openness Data Explorer


  • PHP >=5.4
  • Smarty 3
  • Python 3 (optional, for updating only)
  • Python 3 packages: csv, io, json, os, requests, gitpython (optional, for updating only)
  • git version >=2.3 (optional, for updating only)
  • system allowed for PHP (optional, for updating only)
  • mbstring installed for PHP



  • copy www/settings-example.json into www/settings.json and set it correctly, this file needs to be readable by www server
  • set smarty/templates_c writable and readable by www server
  • create www/cache and set it writable and readable by www server
  • set all .json files in inc/ files writable and readable by www server


The application uses http://fontawesome.io/, which needs to be downloaded into www/fonts/ directory.


Go to http(s)://<example.com>/update.php

Note: If the changes are not reflected on the website, go to the source Google Sheet and Stop publishing it (File->Publish to the web...->Stop publishing) and Start publishing it again (explanation: it seems that Google Sheets sometimes do not reflect the changes made online into its downloadable versions)

Note: www/inc/*.py files are rather tightly connected to the current dataset. They allow to add more chambers in the dataset, but not to change questions (structure of columns)

Clear cache

Go to http(s)://<example.com>/clear-cache.php

Note: The cache is also cleared during data update and regularly based on value in www/settings.json

Data Settings

Correct dataset needs to be set in www/inc/*.py files, as well as in www/settings.json