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IOTA, a world currency

This repo contains all files used to create the IOTA video. Since we strongly believe in open source and sharing, feel free to reuse all files provided to support the adaption of IOTA. Open issues when you find errors or have suggestions for version 2.0.


  • IOTA Video Version 1.0:
  • Length: 2:32
  • Budget: ~500$
  • Render CPU Cores: 124
  • Render Time: ~ 56h
  • Production Members: 6

Initialize Files

In case you want to render your own images from the 3d files, you need the following tools:

  • Cinema 4D r16 or newer
  • C4D visualize library
  • Motion Drop plugin


  • Roads: Roads symbolize the blockchain

  • Factories: Mining facilities, centralized

  • Truck: Bitcoin (large and slow)

  • Ethereum: Pickup (faster, smart contracts, but still on the road)

  • Ripple: Skyscraper with helicopter (fast but centralized)

  • IOTA: Lightening splines (fast, decentralized)

  • Humans: white: non-user, yellow: crypto owner, orange-yellow: IOTA owner.


production drawing board:

alt text

Intro Image:

alt text


I hereby thank the support of our Cambridge Proteomics lab to make this project possible.