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2018/Q3 8,000,000,000 Kolin created on Waves mainnet 20/06/2018
KOLIN official Bitcointalk ANN thread 23/06/2018
KOLIN IPSO start 02/07/2018
KOLIN IPSO website release 18/07/2018
KOLIN’s first bounty thread 24/07/2018
KOLIN integration in Blockfolio portfolio tracker 08/08/2018
1st IPSO sale stage finished 13/08/2018
2nd and 3rd IPSO sale stages finished 24/08/2018
KOLIN listed on 03/09/2018
KOLIN integration in Delta portfolio tracker 14/09/2018
KOLIN sponsored transactions deployed 14/09/2018
KOLIN present on Coinmarketcal 20/09/2018
KOLIN's whitepaper release 01/10/2018
2018/Q4 Smart contract activation (freezing of team account) 01/10/2018
CREX24 exchange listing 04/10/2018
KOMPLER exchange listing 20/10/2018
STEX exchange listing 11/12/2018
CRYPTONEX exchange listing 17/12/2018
2019/Q1: Verisafe approved project 01/02/2019
Kolin betting game release 19/02/2019
WavesMania sponsored game 25/03/2019
Five (5) billion Kolin burn Total supply 3,000,000,000 28/02/2019
Explorer and Whitelist release 02/03/2019
SWFT exchange listing 24/03/2019
2019/Q2: KOLIN alpha version release 01/04/2019
BLEUTRADE exchange listing 01/04/2019
Start collaboration with Translate5 25/04/2019
Kolin API release 29/04/2019
Kolin PoH program starts giving holder an 8% interest 01/05/2019
Kolin approved as Twitter developer 01/05/2019
Kolin is present in Coinpaprika 01/05/2019
Kolin present in Waves Web 3.0 course 18/05/2019
Kolin receives development support from the University of Edinburgh 20/05/2019
Kolin voting release 31/05/2019
Kolin graphical brand rebranding 31/05/2019
Team share reduced to 13% by 600 M Kolin burn Total supply 2,400,000,000 09/06/2019
2019/Q3: Kolin listing in new Fanaticos Crypto exchange (ex Kompler) TBA
Kolin listing in new Kubo exchange (ex CryptoHub) TBA
Kolin locker release TBA
2019/Q4: Kolin Launch TBA
Kolin chat release TBA
2020 ISO17100 application TBA
2020 Unfreeze of team share. 20/06/2020
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