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Program your shaders in Webfunge and become 20% cooler!
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Bored of Shadertoy? Now you can program shaders in Webfunge!

That line is equivalent to the Shadertoy template:

void main(void)
    vec2 uv = gl_FragCoord.xy / iResolution.xy;
    gl_FragColor = vec4(uv, 0.5+0.5*sin(iGlobalTime), 1.0);

but in Webfunge, which is 20% cooler.

Webfunge is a visual stack-based language to inefficiently program shaders.

It is based on Befunge 98 but is not fully compliant with it. See for the original specs.

It is also inspired from Lua, another stack-based language.


Executes the program for each pixel of the canvas

Extensive stack manipulation operations (including vector manipulation)

Control flow instructions (tests, jumps)

Debugging instructions

Main differences with Befunge

Here are the main differences with Befunge 98.

It is restricted to a 2D hybrid Lahey space (more or less a torus with bounds).

It does not implement concurrency, stack stack.

It does not allow changing the space (p and s instructions have been replaced).


Bloutiouf / tmp

with participation of evO and wsmind

Licensed under MIT License.

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