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WebSocket server for Blender

This project includes a Blender add-on (server) and a JavaScript library (client).

The server sends its state to the clients, and can receive a few commands to edit Blender remotely.


  1. Download WebSocket-for-Python
  2. Copy the directory ws4py into <Blender root>/2.xx/python/lib
  3. Download
  4. in Blender, go to File > User Preferences... > Add-ons > Install from file... and select the file
  5. Enable the add-on by ticking the corresponding box

Preferences are shown by expanding the add-on box. In particular, you can choose which data to send to the clients, in order to lower communication for unused data.


Include the library as usual in your HTML.

<script src="blender-websocket.js"></script>


blender = new BlenderWebSocket();


.addListener(event, handler)

Alias: on


Default options:

  • url: ws://localhost:8137

.removeListener(event, handler)

Alias: off


Specifies client-side axis permutation.

In Blender, the coordinate system is right-handed and Z is vertical, but you may want another axis depending on your rendering engine. Only applies on objects' location and scale, not rotation.

The axes parameter is a string (up to 3 characters) containing the mapping for each axis. The first character is the mapping for the resulting X axis, and so on. The character could either be x, y, z (positive) or X, Y, Z (negative).

Example: if you want a right-handed coordinate system and Y as vertical axis, call




.setScene(scene, diff)



Copyright (c) 2015 Bloutiouf aka Jonathan Giroux

MIT License