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Ad free DNS server. A docker container with a DNS server configured to block advertisement hosts.
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Ad free DNS server


A docker container with a DNS server configured to block advertisement hosts.


Just start the container and you are good to go. No configuration is required.

docker run --detach --tty --net=host --restart=always --name=afdns kolyunya/afdns

Automatic blacklist source selection

You can select the source to get automatic blacklist from. After running any of the following commands the automatic blacklist will be updated and the corresponding source will be set as default. The following updates via cron job will use that source.

  • docker exec afdns afdns-update-ahf - update automatic blacklist from amalgamated hosts file.
  • docker exec afdns afdns-update-hph - update automatic blacklist from hpHosts.

Custom blacklist management

The server also has a custom blacklist. The following commands let you manage it.

  • docker exec afdns afdns-host-add - add to the custom blacklist.
  • docker exec afdns afdns-host-remove - remove from the custom blacklist.
  • docker exec afdns afdns-blacklist-backup - send the entire custom blacklist to the stdout.

Default configuration details

  • DNS server utilized in this container is BIND 9.
  • Automatic blacklist is retrieved from amalgamated hosts file once a day.
  • All non-advertisement request are forwarded to and
  • Response rate limit is set to 8 per second (to mitigate DNS amplification attack).

Demo server

Demo server is running at

Ad free VPN

This DNS server is incorporated in the ad free VPN server.

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