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Media Manager for XBMC

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MediaElch is a MediaManager for XBMC. It directly accesses XBMCs database (SQLite and MySQL) and thumbnail cache to store information about Movies and TV Shows. Or it just generates nfo files and stores posters, backdrops, thumbnails beside your Movies. MediaElch is compatible with XBMC v11 "Eden". Using the nfo generator, MediaElch can be used with other MediaCenters as well.

Supported scrapers

Included are scrapers for The Movie DB, The TV DB, Cinefacts, Videobuster and OFDb. The Movie DB and The TV DB are available in 23 languages. More scrapers can easily be added, just fill a feature request.

Precompiled versions

Precompiled versions are available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Have a look at

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