Komodo extension to add Go lang support
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Komodo extension to add support for the Go language.

Example screenshot

I haven't yet put up a build to the Komodo addons site so you'll have to build it yourself for now. We'll be including this in Komodo builds by default starting from Komodo 9.


  • File-type language detection for .go files
  • Syntax highlighting (including folding)
  • Syntax Checking (linting)
  • Codeintel via Gocode
    • Code Outline (for Code Browser and Sections List in IDE)
    • Jump to definition via godef


  • Install 'go' and 'gocode', ensure are on the PATH configured in your overall or project-specific Komodo settings
  • For code completion and go to definition ensure 'gocode' and 'godef' are on your paths as well. To install gocode and godef:
    • $ go get github.com/nsf/gocode
    • $ go get code.google.com/p/rog-go/exp/cmd/godef


  • Find the 'koext' binary that is within your Komodo install (within sdk/bin).
  • Run 'koext build -i golib' from the repository root, it should produce an .xpi for you.
  • Open this .xpi with Komodo to install it.