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ComputerGenie Notary Node Proposal 2019

Voting Addresses

+             Region: NA             +
- RVoteCGxquRNeHWGiHC6vxzpXBodKt3P88 -

Who ComputerGenie Is

Throughout my time in the Komodo community I have been seen with equal parts admiration and disdain. Those that like me really like me and those that do not really do not.

Setting my personality aside, it's near impossible for anyone to even attempt to lay the claim that my heart isn't with making Komodo, and the ecosystem surrounding it, the best technology and currency that it can be. To sum it up in a single word: dedication.

TheComputerGenie on Github

Project Involvement

  • Mining
    • My introduction to Komodo was through mining and I have been actively mining and helping to secure the chain (and many assetchains) ever since.
    • Operator of a mining pool dedicated to Komodo and assetchains
  • komodod
    • Through chats and testing, I believe that several of my theories and comments have lead to improvements in function and security. (Only JL knows for sure)
  • BarterDEX GUI
    • testing
    • some development assistance
  • PoS and MGNX
    • active in testing stages of PoS implementation in komodod and became the largest non-dev shareholder of MGNX (the 1st dPoW hybrid PoS/PoW to exist in Komodo)
  • KMDLabs
    • Have been an active tester for LABS and participated as a LABS NN
    • Started developing the 1st QT wallet internally themed and designed for z-only transactions of PIRATE chain (forked from Decker/Ocean's original KomodoOcean)
    • Created, the only public solo mining pool for z-only PIRATE

My PGP signature


While I am not an official "member" of any "team", I have deep ties to many other NN ops through friendships and projects of mutual interest (of which they may or may not be "team members").

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