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Hello fellow KMD supporters!

I have been running notary nodes now for 2 seasons and hope to continue to provide notary services again this year. Currently I operate 2 nodes. One in Canada and another in France.

With the growing demand to secure PoW chains, my nodes this year will be upgraded to provide more effective and efficent notarizations and to support more external chains.

I have also been running a stable and successful pool for 4+ years: My pool offers payouts in hundreds of coins including KMD. This year I will be adding KMD to the guarenteed payout list and if necessary, earnings from my notary nodes will be use to ensure payouts always occur. Thus far the only guarenteed payout has only been BTC.

Region: NA

KMD: RQcBfvJLyB96GCuTBRUNckQESw8LYjHQaC BTC: 1GKzbQR4NMLXCCYFiFVFXE52gffjv8cLUs Pubkey: 03205049103113d48c7c7af811b4c8f194dafc43a50d5313e61a22900fc1805b45

Region: EU

KMD: RA7nJEoqNGu13P7Gv4mWfoJTmpZ9ac2Bh2 BTC: 1qbDivYmT6RyNk5StnPaGyG1Z6YsDXcaR Pubkey: 03bc819982d3c6feb801ec3b720425b017d9b6ee9a40746b84422cbbf929dc73c3

Region: SH

KMD: RSvpo7RHmUdAAD76BVUUgd2LMxzbNVXC7j BTC: 1JedibY1Aepb6CjtiKVMb6h8bhXzgiYSL2 Pubkey: 02be28310e6312d1dd44651fd96f6a44ccc269a321f907502aae81d246fabdb03e


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