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GT Notary Proposal 🍵

Vote Address: RNGnsh7uQhuFqyaAjAyNuWhLwRnK9JVuoq

Region: AR

GT Komodo Ecosystem evolvement:

  • Has been a part of the Komodo community since stress tests for barterdex started.
  • Maintain KMDLabs notary and testing
  • Help test CC/mine/migrations when possible (rogue/sapling upgrade for pirate via Rocket, marmara etc)

GT personal:

  • KMD believer and believer in the open source ethos
  • Started off as a noob in blockchain tech but learned through hands on envolvement via KMDLabs
  • Getting masters in CompSci 👉 Putting experience forward to KMD


  • To maintain a well performing node for the security of KMD as well as it’s many assetchains and other projects using dPoW.
  • To continue maintaining a well performing KMDLabs node. As the KMDLabs project grows, the rest of the ecosystem will benefit.
  • Give back to the community.
  • To scale with the needs of the network
* 20% - KMDLabs fund
* 10% - To start a fund that will be used for current or futue KMD Ecosystem Projects 
        (ex: Pirate Chain, Verus Coin, Chips, Komodore64, self projects etc) 
           - To be used for things such as listing fees, bounties, development
* 10% - Chips Development 

Server Spec:

I will comply with the minimum sever requirement if elected as provided:

* Region: AR
* CPU: Xeon or i7 (8 cores)
* RAM: 64 GB
* Disk: 1 TB/SSD
* Bandwidth: 1 Gbp

TestNet Notarization Counts: Here


  • KMDLabs node operator
  • First time running for a NN position

Contact Info

Ecosystem Project Links

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