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Infotech–al KMD North America NOTARY NODE CANDIDATE-2019!

InfoTech – Al ☑️ Engaged community member for KMD on Discord / Twitter / Reddit
15 - year IT Veteran ☑️ Skills: Diligent Node Operator Server Admin
Candidate to be a NA Notary Node ☑️ Skills: Fully Operational Testnet Node already setup and hosted in a reliable state of the art Data Centers in NA.
☑️ All social media accounts are extolling virtues of Komodo Platform.
- FB / Reddit / Twitter / Telegram – All are Komodo centric!

komodo-logo.png You get a Notary Node Operator, Social Media Marketer, World Traveler, Philanthropist and commited member of the Komodo vision & potential.

A vote for me, is a vote for full time Komodo representative!

Connection to Komodo and campaign

I have no affiliation with komodo team except I ran for election last year but sadly was not elected. However, I took over an abandoned node (artik_EU) and have maintained it diligently throughout the year. I know the Komodo team will be successful and that is why I want to be part of this enterprise!

|Contact - Discord: infotech-al|

Server Info: Hardware

Bare Metal Dedicated Server (MaaS)

Specs Details
OS Ubuntu 16. 04 .3 LTS
Processor Intel 2x Xeon Gold 5118 - 24 c / 48 t - 2.3 GHz / 3.2 GHz
Memory 96GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz
Disk 1 TeraByte NVMe

What will you do for Komodo the coin, Komodo platform?

My experience is in distributed systems, grid services, QA, Windows / Linux servers. I assure you I am dedicated to KMD success as a platform and the team behind it. I am confident I will meet the leads and devs at some point in my journey here. I have setup a Notary sever already, I have signed up for a dedicated wifi setup so I can monitor, maintain and access the Node for any issues day and night.

Additionally, I have changed all my online presence to market Komodo and grow the platform organically.


I took over an abandoned node for Komodo last season and hope to be elected this season!

If you have made it down this far reading my proposal, then please note that I am grateful to Komodo and the team for taking under their wing a wannabe programmer/developer. The team is full of bright, ambitious, and super competitve people. If you hang around their Discord channel you will always learn something and be better for it!

Enjoy the ride!

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