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  • Pungoio - has rebranded from Peer2Cloud on late 2018

  • Pungoio is a Komodo-born blockchain project that focuses on ease of use and onboarding of users to Crypto Revolution.

  • Pungoio is developing several user friendly products tightly integrated to Pungo Wallet. An open source wallet that we created based on Agama mobile. Check it out on - available on Google Play, Web and iOS.

  • Pungo has established several companies where different services are based: in Gibraltar, Romania, Georgia and Central america.

  • Pungo has a Participation Reward Program to encourage participating in Notary Node Elections. Check it out in next section!


  • On 14th April Komodo will Airdrop VOTE tokens to KMD holders. For each 1 KMD in your wallet you will get 1 VOTE. You can support us by sending votes to the following adddress:




  • All voters will receive PUNGO token monthly as rewards to their voting wallets.

  • 20% of Mining Rewards will go to our PungoToken Buyback fund. Funds reserved to buyback PUNGO tokens in the future to token holders.

  • We accumulate part of our Revenues to the Public Buyback Fund. By getting PUNGO you participate on Pungo project success and we can share our success with our supporters. You can check it live at PungoToken

  • How monthly reward will be calculated: 20% of KMD mined / Buy-back in USD price of PUNGO published "live" in our page * 0.6 = amount of PUNGO that will be distributed monthly among VOTERS monthly.

  • PUNGO buy-backs The only requirement to get PUNGO bought back PUNGO by us, is that holder has > 100 USD worth of it and to pass KYC verification. Alternatively, PUNGO will start to be publicly traded during 2019 and used in some of our products.


  • Our 2 nodes have successfully performed in 2018 and we have gained great experience on handling Notary Nodes.

  • SH node had IP white-listing problem with the rest of the nodes, that's why we lost a precious time while switching 3 times hosting until issue was found. However we scaled positions to get to 8th, which has not allowed us to repeat.

  • We successfully AIRDROPPED 3% of to our voters

  • We successfully AIRDROPPED 2% fo to Komodo community

  • We accumulated almost 3000 KMD in Public Buyback Fund and sent Revenues to our VOTERS

  • Our AR node has been automatically Reelected for 1 year

2018 AR Node details - Location: Singapur

  • BTC pub key 034e5563cb885999ae1530bd66fab728e580016629e8377579493b386bf6cebb15
  • BTC address 18kGq4toM4MNw9CyvWUAJNRVGVLuWnLUVo
  • KMD address RH2Tuan5wt9x19aBPgTHPtkh2koWCEsjEK
  • Hardware: CPU: Xeon Processor E5-2650 v4, RAM: 64 GB, SSD: 1,25 TB SSD, Link: 1 Gbps

2018 South Hemisphere Notary node - Location: Sydney

  • BTC pub key 03396ac453b3f23e20f30d4793c5b8ab6ded6993242df4f09fd91eb9a4f8aede84
  • BTC address 1JXwrC63VsZUuqQt1qrcYZhcRQidS17Hmf
  • KMD address RSp8vhyL6hN3yqn5V1qje62pBgBE9fv3Eh
  • Hardware CPU: 20vCPU, RAM: 64 GB, SSD: 640 GB SSD, Link: 1 Gbps

2018 VOTES

Sending address Votes
RJThZJrxoLZvjCMZFmL8X9GzGEGnsWYht4 124
RH8mMEfejnZMGE9fisLRccfdwHfRdMBMF1 149,9999
REKnMAvM2SxniKkSKHQAqE4aJMxy7rojzJ 44070
RSRaMhRCrxmmzd9RaEkCaHnvxrzeQ7o2P7 1999,9999
RFwUZXRMZHX3jYn2LZrnd6biZVnkSrekkk 199,9999
RH8mMEfejnZMGE9fisLRccfdwHfRdMBMF1 0,2999
RFBxwyTKGy5DtxR5CLLZSjKL5jU6fm13kp 79999,9999
RQavfBdrtv3WyFqoNmE47bshRcgC2XKYGb 220
R9wux4J96JY3X7RMQTNPP3zAzynwFX8TDy 899,9999
RAvAwRaQMigcAPZPQamMcAYuDU82bTdqem 1587000
RJ4RBmhCt3DpTW9ibS16dgeyYpEUYt8L8D 150,338894
RABXNoFXEp4ptsEAuvU44hc3tbt2D33jmH 4999,9997
RKwH42V7Xh6n2VRzWZVPeY9CpqjDQ3g5Jo 23,64478115
RBtfFBdYiryB6fyWoubm4XNqZwXqzAbJEK 6037,9999
RTSFrcYBPZ3wMUtJCo5RC8n71R2c1ypC46 79,4585
RMsqjbSTfy4CZ5qf34BU7HwynYhd3Tm9nY 1,23481073
RM5v8KSTbrwCizr6csfLJ66Zg1s4n79EVu 7000
RC9DPgm4dNVjJN8HczZTRTkJ5i9F3pSVTW 1180,155163
RCtyHviWXZ49Jb1dLCgkK4Awu71fEDvZoB 483,9999
RM5v8KSTbrwCizr6csfLJ66Zg1s4n79EVu 100
RD5a1eRzY5cqbe3ewMvAt575Qr1QYsKDA6 350
RJTot1iCBmq2pBRVjd2f3vBrpq6WUnuKP1 0,25127425
RDMrpAgAxSMR7c5nzFmjB3KwbxnvXcWeTA 434
RW2X7rbRSrV3Ax7XiaBJnLSXK8okE3t2pH 10,83166786
RKASXR5kZoY4LmH5bTVh9X97pPvtAspNQD 100000
RHPGxpiwRHP4dKZXjYPdpon1nCto7qVE8s 434
RCB7QoMD63UKvAhHomRbgJ9i9gfNrxJ17U 600000
RNqtaTKoJ2c9SQFfGt353du8AqeKWrRc2M 7636
RHPGxpiwRHP4dKZXjYPdpon1nCto7qVE8s 434
RLaxaSnPh5LqtuwKqTCYhdHthxeRRWqt49 0,27257494
RPGcUc2kLDwsTafv9T9PTRTKB2vh3KbxcT 11087,10644
RPGcUc2kLDwsTafv9T9PTRTKB2vh3KbxcT 20350,46538
RGHoKLW6r7DEBtYfV6VgjeBsQQFMvZ5thw 3953,803205
------------------------------------ -------------
Total Votes 2479411,861
Sending address Votes
RDGw8EqEuxaYEExsCXXNcyEga4RkcVbA4g 198,9999
RPGcUc2kLDwsTafv9T9PTRTKB2vh3KbxcT 21000
RHHKo1uDphYzJySbVa5Xfp1nTXQJne97Xn 3570,9999
RMKZYcVEEHYUtaADcKfVxR9NWqokX54yhs 3570,9999
RMsqjbSTfy4CZ5qf34BU7HwynYhd3Tm9nY 8,8999
RLgKsmgdzwNCt8CgqZ5J6cZhTat9HeZgxG 73946,1129
RTTpzuhj1NhBuwv85LYXfix2CVqV3UqQ2n 21,63
RCL3yxraiEoqLGmFa3wcxHmjLA8nWh8KD3 50000
RK1T6h87GxEG5bM8kSpNMxi3BRhyLgBFfc 42578,7869
RFGrDHbgvauo4ZWG8PboWewfM2UBmnhNMN 1500
RTuPV2P4kqCfsjEFKEVzGYHegEtNPFZJUv 82058,9929
RHkDqjCZcXqpP33w9CFMVbLcNbD2PCTwTp 49,9999
RHkDqjCZcXqpP33w9CFMVbLcNbD2PCTwTp 49,9999
RM5v8KSTbrwCizr6csfLJ66Zg1s4n79EVu 100
RSRaMhRCrxmmzd9RaEkCaHnvxrzeQ7o2P7 394,9999
RQVW4jPDtrL4X8J4gHfopfpyXbxnUvASED 274999,9998
RSGMa5gbztppMFqZGAsBU7MdgHnnqVLGDG 341,9899
RWTfFTP7c9WxLhgxd2EXSsKszpDVPXHN8A 131429,5999
RAihhPa1pXG8tRrKWp7zAkkjAZ7D2Ktd87 2429,9999
RQavfBdrtv3WyFqoNmE47bshRcgC2XKYGb 220
RKuwq4oi4mqQ2V4r54mPEthn3TBrEwu2Ni 499,9999
RHkDqjCZcXqpP33w9CFMVbLcNbD2PCTwTp 84,09989999
RBtfFBdYiryB6fyWoubm4XNqZwXqzAbJEK 5999,9999
RM5v8KSTbrwCizr6csfLJ66Zg1s4n79EVu 3000
RKuwq4oi4mqQ2V4r54mPEthn3TBrEwu2Ni 515,5071848
RHkDqjCZcXqpP33w9CFMVbLcNbD2PCTwTp 249,9999
RAK3jzp4cVr59GQj3C54C4GYLyxsUDPoHP 81239,04894
RFYSPD7pH5259wPFGjurJL9TdXSDrGYqQQ 56009,8219
RERp696QtNTeWDfBy3x3QbRwPYN2NxwxfA 27,11999671
RJThZJrxoLZvjCMZFmL8X9GzGEGnsWYht4 125,7389
RAvAwRaQMigcAPZPQamMcAYuDU82bTdqem 1273065
RHPGxpiwRHP4dKZXjYPdpon1nCto7qVE8s 2203
RHPGxpiwRHP4dKZXjYPdpon1nCto7qVE8s 2203
RQc14ozifQWNnzKtCrenqtF2d9Z8znHYn9 2203
RQc14ozifQWNnzKtCrenqtF2d9Z8znHYn9 46896,23602
RFRwnqNU2nwtVCmVNgWD4FMqgW61KvGxkX 202716,3259
RDRKrwZ9GRNHqU2jkefhzFHwPbHgADZA1f 216,5175249
------------------------------------ -------------
Total Votes 2365726,427
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