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About tau

I have 8 years + experience into IT and also 5 years into crypto space.

We are a team of 3 persons which like to promote Komodo in all spaces and spread the word all over the world.

We organizing one of the biggest crypto meetups in Germany.

Early Investor into BTCD and then KMD since 2016.

We will give 30% of our KMD Rewards to our voters.

Tau EU Notary Node Info

BTC pub key 0213e77c866e461dd79f222313d758dc0eb7af760ff66971ee7f21f5e27b34cb47

BTC address 13Q6Z31t8rk4bKL1JsFzCnq6nRZoKFCszL


Location Germany (in a big Data Center)


CPU: i7


SSD: 2x512GB NVme SSD RAID 1

Link: 1Gbps

Contact Details



My proposal says NODE token will be issued.

However, this requires additional cost to maintain node and notarization fee.

So I decided to distribute out directly to my voters to maximze profits.

I hope you understand this change.

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