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Drew Vosk and Drew Vosk VoskCoin 2019 NN Proposal EU
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VoskCoin - Notary Node Candidate 2019

VoskCoin is one of the largest and most active cryptocurrency YouTube channels with over 73,000 subscribers. In addition to our YouTube community we have very active communities on Discord, Facebook, and other platforms. Tails CTO

VoskCoin is running for 1 Notary Node in 2019 (EU)

Server Specifications

  • Located in London, UK
  • CPU: E5-2650L 16 CPUs
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 1.25 TB SSD
  • *Testnet server may differ

Voting Address

  • [EU VOTE address] RDn2Wpn9abEr6qpdgab8o8MiibKiks6RLq

Previous Komodo Content on VoskCoin Youtube Channel:

Disclaimer:VoskCoin is not affiliated with the Komodo team and currently holds no notary nodes.

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