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Notary Node Proposal KOMODO 2019


HI, I have been a computer engineer for 11 years. I have 11 years experience managing a data center. I have 4 years experience in criptocurrencies. I have some nodes in other coins,for exemple Dash and Lisk. I am very interesed in blockchain and crypto tecnology. I have been following the KOMODO platform for more than 2 year. Why vote for me? The nodes will always operate. I will be available 24/7. I will be fully committed to the work. I will develop a phone application to raise awareness about KOMODO.

AR: RAMra8yeFrrGP29jBfKFjtm5kG9fpPixFg NA: RHvoYh4P9zdWF4uKMeiP9NL95cXhiuwoS3 SH: RPmTPuuKrRwfzgyxpmMameJq8g76NPrczH EU: RPTNVH8GzxczFWJXr8XCrEnSAJD9yQ5HFq

Server Specs

Xeon Gold 128Gb DDR4 2Tb NVMe 1Gbt/s


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