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WHO I AM? u I'm Foxminer, a technician in computer systems management in the network. Responsible for the implementation and administration of computer systems in single-user and multi-user environments. High professional specialization in software for systems administration, in S. O. diverse as Windows Server, Linux or Ubuntu. Expertmanagement of backup and data recovery systems such as Veeam Backup a.

AR: RXcokUvoJ7DCfXopCZqxDt7wNhv8AVRN1j NA: RKGsxamvLHoSHCVi1KzaesZq6XENDoma2m SH: RB9KccHNa7TGAW5Tw9USF7Y84H3cCba2zu EU: RBiAKbeTpt5xap2SXPRvW8nmthXEP3aBue

WHY I? u My investmentin Komodo started in 2016. I currently operate with the Agama wallet. I am partof an application developmentworkgroup based on SuperNet technology and focused on IOS mobile systems. Highlyexperienced in BTC mining and different Altcoins. I would like to be partof this project which has many possibilities and prosperous future, contributing my knowledge, perseverance and dedication to contribute to its success. I firmly believe in decentralization and I think that the best of Komodo is yetto come.