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Notary Node Proposal A Team.pdf


Send your VOTE2018 to: RQiTPCmRwUby2fcL3VHBA2sgSJeNf8NpsJ

If you're a sneaky snake, send VOTE2018 100% anonymously via z-address to: zcR9crry8XEreSns8xSvRVPk8Etu5NcwbRWcmzdn3r6X5Kv6stNT5BkLxtWJrHEhtqa7Rj3x3YecwGdXTYJyBbnPbZH5RMJ and feel confident in doing the good deed without giving up your identity.

Team operators: 2

-Manfromaus - Project management, evangelism, consulting, infrastructure architecture and engineering
-BlackJok3r - Blockchain and Notary Node administration, evangelism and onboarding

About Us

  • Manfromaus has 20 years of infrastructure engineering and architecture experience in the various forms IT has taken over that time. Has successfully led implementations of physical virtual and cloud infra for some of the largest companies on earth.

  • BlackJok3r is a long time crypto miner, dabbler and hacker, assisting multiple prior crypto projects with improvements to their systems and software. He is a Komodo early adopter and contributing participant in the greater ecosystem of Komodo, BarterDex and its ongoing improvements.

  • Manfromaus has been associated with the Komodo and Supernet communities since Supernet's inception in 2014. He has a personal mission to provoke thought surrounding external party interaction and acceptance of the products and technologies within the KMD ecosystem and to improve the user experience associated with our great platform

Why Vote A-Team?

  • Multi-person team to bring vast experience across blockchain, crypto and the underlying infrastructure together into a cohesive, agile and efficient solution.

  • Multi-person team enhances the "decentralisation" aspect of a single operator node � hit-by-a-bus scenario averted due to redundancy of operators.

  • First time notary election candidates only nominating for a SINGLE node on a SINGLE region. We believe it is in the best interests of KMD for nodes to be independently operated and as distributed and decentralized as possible. One ecosystem benefit of our election is to reduce the number of multi-node operators to decentralize the NN group as much as possible while still maintaining a highly competent NN operation.

  • We are not in it to become "whales" or "rich". Our hope is that with the election to NN operator we can ultimately remove our reliance on our day jobs to dedicate ourselves full time to KMD ecosystem development. We are not JL777 level coders, but we are highly proficient technical authorities in several areas including base-level network engineering,consulting, mining, B2C and end user onboarding. This gives us a leg up on providing USABLE technical manuals to the wider community to increase adoption and decrease support headaches as well as being highly competent node operators.

First Server Spec

  • Processor: 4 x AMD 6176 Opterons(12 Core's Per CPU) 48 Physical Cores, Has been thoughouly tested and can handle 2 NN at once mining ALL assetchains on 2 cores each.
  • RAM: 16 x 8GB = 128GB ECC DDR3
  • Storage: 1 x 1TB San Disk SSD and 1x600GB HDD for backups. This will be expanded to 6X1TB SSD's in RAID 1 if this server is to be used long term. As per our proposal, if large scaling is required we will be moving to HA clustering.
  • Power Supply: Twin 1100W hotplug redundant PSU
  • Colo/Data Center: Our first of hopefully of many data centre's is located approx 6 km north/west of the Perth WA CBD, buried in the side of a hill and formed within a concrete bunker. Teir 3 with a full Networking package with DDOS and firewall protection.

Vote Details:

Region: SH

Vote Address (t): RQiTPCmRwUby2fcL3VHBA2sgSJeNf8NpsJ

Vote Address (z): zcR9crry8XEreSns8xSvRVPk8Etu5NcwbRWcmzdn3r6X5Kv6stNT5BkLxtWJrHEhtqa7Rj3x3YecwGdXTYJyBbnPbZH5RMJ