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Who the fuck is Alice

I am Alice, Administrator, Executive Manager and Event Operator at Komodo Platform, as the first female long-term member of the Komodo Core Team I would like to increase the quote of women as notary node operators and this is my election proposal for the 2018’s notary node elections:First I want to introduce myself; when I joined Komodo in March 2017 I I wanted to make videos and work as an ambassador, but after I attended together with ca333 Komodos first Blockshow in early April 2017 in Munich I realized that Komodo desperately needs an event operator and I took over that part.I joined two other events, the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Prague, organised by Smile Expo in May, and in June 2017 the Money 2020 which, was a great experience.

After this I did a lot of background work, that’s one of the reasons I don’t write to much in slack. I stopped attending at events on my own and started handleing the organisational stuff, which includes contact with the event host, discuss details (booth, entry tickets), payments, sign contracts, organise printing material (flyers, business cards, rollups, t-shirts), discuss who is attending at the events, organise flights, accommodation and also the refunds for those who paid on their own.In September 2017 I personally organised the Zurich ‘Banking meets Blockchain’ event. After hard work it was a great success, and we had around 70 participants and afterwards a nice promotion video.I also organize business trips for meetings with clients/team members (flights, accommodation, refunds).Beside the Event Organisation I do a lot of research (and reading to sign afterwards) regarding NDAs and Contracts (with potential partners, employees, exchanges) and I am working with a lawyer on the disclaimer for the Komodo Website.I will publicly donate 7.77% of my total notary node income for Komodo related expenses such as EXPOs, campaigns, bounties, external services, and more. Since its easier to spend/cash out the notary income (provable source of the funds) and another 7.77% will be kept frozen for min 5 years with a timelock.And if i get 4 spots in this election i will additionally airdrop 17.77% of a top secret Komodo Assetchain Project (Gaming Industry) to all my voters.


I am the wife of ca333 and a official Komodo core team member (volunteering on fulltime base).


Please send your votes to the addresses below

EUROPE: RTswrvC4oiJRMXCCdNn7e5yjw3UxjZHA9L

North America: RAfU3kVn21ZdZRt3KFMd6aDA8RX6oUNtRU

Southern Hemisphere: RRQj7troQK99bwG1vBHFaFK1zytbrxqjAs

ASIA: RKA3taWFr6PXi3bD9VyhK2iqvfmTTivo34

z-address: zcDF1AcrjMmy73BeR3Mj3qZLi5q3HLYrzFi4rW6fCL4tAwHcdk1aZZLa4CtLga9nr2QWRrbCVACRPRAoefqbRwL7ctdv4Vn