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Team B.A.T.M.A.N.

Why should you vote for Team B.A.T.M.A.N. ?

Our name stands for our mission: We have the B.est A.pproach T.o M.anage A.wesome N.odeservers. :-)


  • First time notary election candidates with evidence based experience

  • Cross-functional team

  • Highly motivated, ready for the challenge

  • We try to under-promise and over-deliver

  • Proud to provide infrastructure for the future

  • Being elected for notary will initiate the launch of our startup company in the blockchain space

Who is Team B.A.T.M.A.N. ?

Let's introduce us as a team:


Cryptocurrency enthusiast, Coordinator and Project Manager

Being in the cryptospace since late 2013, Starfleet joined the BTCD community in the early development stage and is a long term holder in James' projects. With an engineering background and the proper dedication to several crypto projects, Starfleet provides the right skillset for organizing the notary servers task. A true believer in the success of digital assets over fiat currencies.

Current project: Project Manager, Business Developer and Macro Trader.


IT Architect, server administrator and former Software Application Consultant

With more than 5 years of software engineering and development experience. Tharmar currently works as IT Architect for an American multinational technology company with a large and diverse portfolio of products and services, including IT consulting, delivery, and research.

Current project: IT admin and configuration manager

Vote Details:

Send your VOTE2018 to the following addresses

  • Europe transparent address: RAMPJSfQN1HrcS4nuu8nxdzS81d9jXJc5m

  • Europe private Z-address: zcLDri1df2XEDEaaDKV8u17jxU13MMS318ttWQWub7sk2FwuqURUEFxTGecS49KR7LwV7y8rozNPMsD7agp5vW4k4HjRKVF

  • Southern Hemisphere transparent address: RX3kkKS9yNb5pTVW8wYhwhvjLu95KHHKWL

  • Southern Hemisphere private Z-address: zcYMsG7CpjJGJgPGyKstYmi376nYSXac6qQDjKZCaRb4ZbtnRwxXRL6BFMLeTtSsMkBzfyR2486heg9ixzxsb8vkWko6fdw

  • Asia & Russia transparent address: RGjPJJuyu2rSX5LD3EThsrp4Rha1Tjcm6x

  • Asia & Russia private Z-address: zcd7sBPLoLqppJib67Cg36217JziY4de9YArPctj2uJQ8mA4ittM9jBHZiZ5ZQ4LuA7MrNDv19k8Cfrji9oxLQXxAUWM1bv

Server specifications

We will provide infrastructure for up to four servers in the regions EU, AR and SH. A further system is available for experimenting and testnet participation.

Server 0: Experimental system and testnet node

  • CPU 12-Core Dual-Xeon

  • RAM 96GB


  • Location 200MBit home connection with redundant PSU

Server 1-3: Final systems for mainnet notarizations in EU, AR and SH

  • CPU Intel Xeon D-1540, 8x 2.00GHz

  • RAM 64GB DDR4 EEC 2133MHz

  • STORAGE 2x 480GB SSD Software Raid + 500GB HDD Backup

  • Location Located in Tier 3 data center in EU, AR and SH


This is our first participation in the Komodo elections. We are neither members of the official Komodo Team nor associated with the Komodo Board of Directors.