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Bitcoin Benny

Dear Komodo Community,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben Fairbank, and I am otherwise know as Bitcoin Benny in the crypto community. A vote for me, is a vote for 2 people and here is why:

First reason

The Influencer

My name is Bitcoin Benny, which is how I am known across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I currently have an audience of approximately 16k YouTube subscribers and nearly 9k Twitter followers. Max video reach of 82k views per video.

I regularly feature Komodo on my channel because I firmly believe in the project and the people involved. I believe this is a project that has amazing tech and largely flies under the radar. I can help by making sure Komodo is promoted throughout the wider crypto community.

Second reason

The Businessman

My name is Ben Fairbank. I have been a Global C Level Executive for the past 15 years. I have held 3 separate CEO roles and a number of C Level roles across The Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia. I have largely been a consultant or manager brought in to focus on, cultural restructures, operational restructures, CEX, end to end journey mapping, strategy and also revenue and retention models. My history is predominantly with Telecom providers in fast moving and aggressive competitive landscapes, generally spread across multiple countries. I am versed in media relations and have been a public speaker for many years. I recently finished a corporate contract with South East Asia's largest ride hailing app, whereI helped to continually devise plans to remain competitive and increase market share, whilst continually improving the end user experience as well as balancing the needs of the people who utilized the technology.

Now that I have completed the contract I have joined the Komodo team as a volunteer, to help with dICOs and General Business Management. My goal is to help bring the technology that Komodo has built to the people investing in the project and those who wish to use the technology we have provided.

As an Investor, Influencer and Volunteer on the project, it is fair to say I have both a financial and reputational stake in the ongoing success of the project. A vote for me is a vote someone who can make positive changes on the project and then attract the audience to listen.

Thank you for your consideration.

NA: RYBYMZc9vikWg4nCs6dBXdP6Y3AzhNF5Nz

SH: R9Jxe36qAkh1Y6xaEesU3J89HETT6UcHoy



z-Address: zcfKt2jSPsPBfHwwKKytf4z8r4fpcezgjUFbhJxPJmf8FiVCqr98QF1rzd4sdENvm8penAcowRykJCTXVknZ4Uu6jCVoGT

Disclosure Section:

I am an official Team Member and in the directors board of Komodo. I joined the elections for the first time.