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ca333 NN election proposal

ca333 is one of the most active community and Komodo team members - ethical "greenhat" hacker, blockchain expert, and the CTO and general manager of the Komodoplatform. He organized and visited the very first Komodo EXPOs. He is doing a lot of security, infrastrucure, development and bug fixing for the komodoplatform. He is the husband of alice. He is hosting and maintaining all blockexplorers and release builds for Agama and all other Komodo Apps and Software. Working 16h/7d to bring komodo to the next level.

Furthermore CA is securing all notary nodes and making sure the whole network is operating secured. CA uses his own dedicated HP ProLiant Gen9 infrastructure for notary node operations. In addition ca333 is donating 33.3% of the notary node income towards Komodo related expenses (bounties, rewards, competitions,...) to give the ecosystem something back. 


ca333 is the husband of Alice and a Komodo team member. He is participating in the elections for the first time.

The VOTE public-keys for ca333 are:

Europe: RC3EU3a6mUoU1XBmBb4ngzZqXsEpi4QQhW

North America: RC3NA1Fw5E88oR96nVZe14GToLFzTFQJhQ

Southern Hemisphere: RC3SHzkg6VSL4w5Kjzi1CxHqbQhcA8jKH4

Asia: RC3ASiAkmCFxqV7iDnvQtT14osyHkX77zv

ZADDR: zcFbj3FjzXuZskfrgQiSvy45HKzjw7inScjsFRTEQ4wfBbna3E4VUToFNRMQbC7748k6siVfdoAFCS9DJp3QqXuU8UTGaNi

Please send your VOTEs to the above keys. Thank you for your consideration.