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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Computer technician highly experienced and trained, with a solid technical training and an excellent service sheet. Prepared to explain and develop complex technical concepts to clients and inexperienced personnel in a clear and comprehensible way. Able to perform multiple tasks, such as installation and repair of computer systems, with complete precision and efficiency.

BASIC SKILLS – Extensive experience in the maintenance and installation of computers – Complete familiarity in hardware configuration and software applications – Excellent mastery of software packages from major customers – Superior skills in Repair of peripheral computer equipment, modems, printers and scanners – Extraordinary skills in the installation and maintenance of hardware and network cables – High capacity for analysis and problem solving

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE from June 2010 to the present. IBM Company. Barcelona. Computer Technician – Installation and maintenance of operating systems, hardware and software packages. – Support and technical resources provided on a regular basis. – Verification of new hardware and software to be compatible with the company's systems. – Confirmation of technological procedures in coordination with the information technology teams.

From June 2006 to May 2010 at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. Computer Technician – Maintenance and updating of Windows operating systems, platforms and network infrastructure. – Supervision of the installation of new wiring systems. – Attention and troubleshooting of computer systems. – Technical support and maintenance of VoIP systems.

ACADEMIC TRAINING Polytechnic University of Barcelona (2006). Degree in computer science.

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