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✌️ Vote for Dude ✌️

Hi, I'm Dude.


I have 10+ years experience as a IT professional. I'm a full stack developer main areas are Oracle SQL, MS SQL, MySQL, Java, .NET, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Recently exploring node.js, Redis and Mongodb in creation of a gitter bot from scratch and a few other projects. In my career I also played the roles of a Network Administrator I (CCNA & CCNP) and Project Manager II.

Why Me?

I'd like the opportunity to become a notary node operator as I'm a true believer in the platform and have convinced countless number of users to purchase and mine KMD. I’ve joined the crypto scene almost a year ago and quickly adapted to KMD, have been mining and purchasing ever since. Regardless of voting outcome I will still continue to express the value that the KMD platform brings to crypto.

If I Win?

Not much will change, I'll still be the un-official KMD spokesman at luckpool in the gitter chat room spreading the good word of Komodo. Will also hold giveaways to the community to spread the earnings about, not just to those who vote for me but to continue to introduce new users to the platform and perks with it.

Region: NA

Vote Wallet: RMd1mDPsByEa728gy4VjgaCi9cT8zVi9qa

Vote Private (z) Address: zcNNf5g1DhHvWh5xw2MX4soZ4se7573kszRjpWSB28cb7jvyXoDjrJeQbPu2y4GjwYBgVKkoQ5FJj8CRXGWRUdzqyqytCe5

BTC Pub Key: 023e1163235c3d69f2ee6f12190afaa26221722d558f7b067ddf5dc424ae32720f