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Dwy Notary Node Proposal

You want to participate to 2018 Notary Node elections but still don't know who you'll vote for ? Here's my proposal.

4 Reasons to vote for me :

1. One Candidate : One Node I truly believe that 64 Nodes should mean 64 different Operators, That's the core of decentralization, and more operators leads to stronger consensus.

2. 30% of mining will be shared with voters Why ? Just because I believe we're just at the beginning of crypto awareness, and even in case of a massive price drop, I can afford to maintain 1 working node without any problem. In case price skyrocket, people participating to this journey voting for me should be rewarded accordingly.

3. Independent believer I am NOT affiliated to any official team or partnerlist, that means I'm on my own, not having anything more than my personal investments. No conflict of interest, ever.

4. Technical skills Got 10+ years of experience as System Engineer, and have web coding skills. My node is already running, and is hosted at a top rated Datacenter, that means i already invested and my proposal is not based on : "If I win, I'll host it for real, in the meantime, I wait".

About election process

KMD Notary Nodes elections, for 2018 have no limitations about how much region candidates can participate. This point, to me, should change, I'm aware that I'm facing a lot of official members, partners, or multiregion candidates, yet I believe there is a need for more people involved in notary tasks. If you believe in KMD ecosystem, just ask yourself : Do I want to rely on a group of 20, or a group of 60 when the term "consensus" and "decentralize" comes into play?

Vote Address

EU Vote Address : RKUV7wkP4yTR1suVYLicf4ZaooQzz8u5iR

Thanks for reading, and feel free to PM me on slack if you got any question.