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Hi everyone. My nickname is Etszombi. I have been working for the Komodo community as a notary-node operator in three nodes (South Hemisphere, Europe and Asian Region).

I am computer engineer by the UAB University of Barcelone. I am passionate for the crypto world, specially where I have been working for near two years as a notary node, Komodo.

I would like to contribute with my experience, hardworking and my knowledgement in technology.

Daily I connect to all my servers to update and do everything the komodo team ask me to.

Firstly, I had the dilemma of offering 30% of my kmd to everyone that would vote for my nodes, but I finally decided that it would be more interesting to give this amount to the elaboration of a project for the community and make the komodo project stronger.

I would also like to promote Komodo in my country Spain because it is still a little bit unknown. I have got many important contacts here to start the takeoff of komodo in our country via conference, lecture, investors… as we have already done in Barcelona.

It is a big pleasure to continue being member of this great team and I need your votes in order to carry this out. Here you have my wallets if you eventually decide to vote for them.

SouthHemisphere Region: RUgW6fLfVsLJ87Ng4zJTqNedJSKYQ9ToAf

Asian Region RBpp98VwHx7SFv7dNbw8NY65t14XFq9fVD