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Updated Proposal




[] Engaged community member for KMD on SLACK / Telegram / Twitter / Reddit

[] Skills: Grid Computing Admin, Distributed Systems Exp., VMware Admin, Server Admin

[] Fully Operational Notary Node already setup and hosted in a reliable state of the art Data Center in USA.

[] 10% of all earnings on a monthly basis go back to voters and KMD platform!

[] All social media accounts have been changed to reflect KMD

• FB / Reddit / Twitter / Telegram – All are Komodo themed! I’m all in!

You get a Notary Node Operator, Social Media Marketer, World Traveler, Philanthropist, Bicyclist…


Z- Address zcJRgBmMF8dXJvHJzj7QAHPQNVUBMoJ4aX7BYp6AcQofVfipcyMTiPRsdczy38t2uh8MjzowM2SCcEg7a33oMsNPqjmtSiL

A vote for me, is a vote for full time Komodo representative!

ABOUT ME: 15-year veteran in IT enterprise from small business to international investment banks. Worked on grid computing systems, VMware, trading platform, architect and manage multi-million-dollar budgets for large corporations. I know the Komodo team will be successful and that is why I want to be part of this enterprise!

Server Info: Hardware Bare Metal Dedicated Server (MaaS) OS: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 SSD: 500GB Memory: 64 GB Transfer: 10000


[] What will you do for Komodo the coin, Komodo platform?

My experience is in distributed systems, grid services, QA, Windows / Linux servers. I cannot link my professional profile because it would be against company policy. However, I assure you I am dedicated to KMD success as a platform and the team behind it. I am confident I will meet the leads and devs at some point in my journey here. I have setup a Notary sever already, I have signed up for a dedicated wifi setup so I can monitor, maintain and access the Node for any issues day and night. Additionally, I have changed all my online presence to market Komodo and grow the platform organically.

[] What will you offer back?

  1. I am proposing a 10% monthly return for my voters.
  2. Setting up Quarterly KMD Platform Information sessions throughout my city.
  3. Changed all online presence to KMD centric and themed.
  4. Fresh blood for KMD platform with professional / thoughtful ideas.

[] How committed are you?

  1. I have changed all of my online presence to become a marketing machine for KMD.
  2. I have purchased a MaaS server with a top of the line data center before elections!
  3. I have purchased a secondary desktop computer and configured it to be a testnet notary node for testing and development.
  4. I have purchased a separate KMD only laptop and installed KMD wallet and BarterDEX on it.