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jackson NN proposal

About / experience

  • Full-stack developer and crypto enthusiast. I've been involved with Bitcoin and blockchain technology for 5+ years.
  • Former employee of section.io, an Australian CDN provider; I have experience with network engineering and server administration.
  • Have registered U.S.-based company Embolden Technologies LTD for blockchain-related operations.


Komodo Slack: @jackson
Email: jacksonroberts@protonmail.com

Regions / addresses

  • AR: RGvmv1u2wCJuwyyDRu6ozdKz3qiF8v41Qv
  • Private: zcddbY5yoedMk43yB8epmhEpoKhAtJUuJmfjpjzv3FPToJga4dWGdgyCJcjXfobXYim58rSJbUmNZvahetn7RpFpKyoQAAF


I plan to spend at least 35% of net notary node income on the following initiatives:

  • Host Komodo/Blockchain meetups in the Boulder area.
  • Sponsor/participate in the development of applications on top of Komodo.
  • Donate to the Free Software Foundation, ACLU Foundation, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Why vote for me?

  • Blockchain-related projects/node operation is and will be my full-time job. This allows me to have high availability on Slack and update my nodes quickly.
  • I am a current participant in the Komodo testnet.
  • I hope to bring my project Moracle (a decentralized notary/oracle service) to the upcoming KMD smart-contract platform.
  • As a privacy and decentralization advocate, I am extremely excited about the future of Komodo and am interested in contributing to it.

Node specs

  • 64 GB RAM
  • 1 TB SSD disk
  • 2x Intel Xeon E5-2697A V4

Testnet: DigitalOcean Standard 8GB Droplet + 250 GB SSD.



Thank you!