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Notary candidate profile komodominingpool


Hi everyone, my name is Stefano know as @komodominingpool in slack and on bitcointalk, i had joined SuperNET technologies at beginning of last year intrigued by the great slack komodo community and the enormous skills of developers and projects!
I created one of biggest mining pool for KMD with multiple cluster servers around the world ( EU x 2, ASIA, USA ) with a dedicated backup infrastructure to guarantee high SLA (99,98%) with disaster recovery | - collecting, at this moment, more than 22100 blocks paid with more than 82900 KMD paid and ( now it's closed ) another dedicated big pool for CHIPS project with more than 3 MILLIONS of CHIPS paid in the last months!
I’m also active for KMD projects into slack channels, on my chat and on my discord channels

I'm a web & software architect, with more than 20 years in programming, and CTO in a young and smart company that works in fintech projects with particular attention on artificial intelligence and deep learning integration on trading system bots.

My skills and expertise include all new web Frameworks like, nodejs, ruby on rails, cordova, bootstrap, D3.js, angular.js, electron and many others, programming languages like Php, Javascript, APIs(soap/rest), python, shell programming and shell scripting, all SQL and NoSQL databases and server security administration and protection.

My voting address for your “TOKEN VOTE 2018”

Region[EU]: RA3TrZaeCmuHd3uNcSGCnoiyXYLABq9xG5

Region[NA]: RQPH3ymE1ZJRDedxz2cjW2sUwYx477QsUX

Region[AR]: RSDbaqCFQNAo7AuhHXxAugGCqjK2NyVDHt

Region[SA]: RSeakJoUh9WsX7JjwWfTGgtXTqRiCQ9PzW

z-address zcJaGeYKQsza6ihCLA9esM6TrWsVd2RNL5Bu9iAELmNrupW7nKL4RNBTk2F7rEkeJTuUwkRrRF4Z8f7wF5xRfZWE8kEh53o

My Notary Node Hardware Specs

Cpu processor 16 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU I7
Memory 64GB RAM
SSD 500GB SSD + SAS (replicated)
Disaster Recovery

Thank you for your time, please support me as notary nodes for KMD