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Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers Komodo Notary Node Elections 2018 - Pioneers

Our Campaign Promise

We pledge 50 % of our revenue towards activities that support Komodo ecosystem, such as events, meetups, and podcasts.

KMD price has to stay above 4 USD for the promise to be valid. If the price is below the threshold, then special conditions apply. In essence, the pledged percentage is smaller if KMD price is lower to ensure sufficient funding to maintain stable notarization services.

An additional goal is to connect businesses with Komodo's ecosystem, either through our team or a third party.

Full Campaign Promise Details


EU config

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v4 Octa-Core
  • 128 GB DDR4 ECC
  • 1.92 TB 6 Gb/s SSD
  • bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s

Technical Background

Lead: Mylo

Dear All,

Tech 'Greatest Hits'

My tech ‘greatest hits’ in chronological order are: … … drum roll … … (the sound of an opening envelope on awards night is deafeningly silent :P …)

  • 2000 VC++ full time 6 months for a telephony equipment manufacturer and software producer. Implemented CSTA protocol for controlling equipment.
  • 2003 Java, first java open source CSTA implementation released on sourceforge.
  • Built and sold custom telephony integration servers (Debian) linking Alcatel, Ericsson & Siemens switches to computing network for nurse call integration.
  • Support nurse paging integration remotely over dial up Debian
  • 2005 to 2009 built and supported custom asterisk builds (CentOS) for businesses
  • 2008 - 2011 built open source e-learning systems (Gentoo, Omnium World) for Australia's largest university. First all online Masters degree for visual arts worldwide. 20,000 active users and global community outreach projects.
  • 2012 built and supported largest media companies car classifieds telephone ads back end portal.
  • 2014 to 2015 Build, mentor and support a small team on a national voip network for a carrier servicing radio/isp
  • 2018 joined Komodo team

Last 10 years

Several web projects using full stack:

 * java jboss, jpa, ejb, apache-tapestry

 * php drupal/Wordpress/omnium/custom

 * vuejs and AWS serverless

System level stuff:

 * fail2ban

 * Iptables

 * rkhunter

 * tcpdump / wireshark

 * monkey patching in c

 * Ramdisk for scaling & performance

Some notes regarding this opportunity

Like many techs within the Komodo community, I have a lot of system and developer experience. Devops before the term existed.

I want to introduce my tech experience as many are unaware that I'm a tech first, but working with pioneering tech in Australia has required more communication based business skills and collaboration than just tech alone as the tech hub and market size is orders of magnitude smaller - these tools have proved to be necessary in the world of entrepreneurial survival. It has also allowed me to follow alternate pursuits in the road to Komodo.

As a NN operator, responsive sys admin skills are required, knowledge of attack mitigation techniques and responsible service to the greater community. This experience comes from businesses relying on products and services I’ve been involved with in the operations and execution phase. Handy scripting and glue-code where necessary in my exposure to telecommunications debugging and fraud prevention.

Our team is dedicated to fostering community growth, where I would focus is providing dApp creation and integration howtos in this regard and collaborate on such a project as the pursuit to containerise KMD as NN candidate dragonriders.team has pledged to do. I have registered ikomodo.com (screenshot of mock up website) for this and other community news purposes - of which, funds from mining KMD would be used to facilitate these exercises by way of our own fair-pay-for-fair-work token, open to anyone who shares the Komodo Pioneers vision of collaboration, interoperability and freedom (artistic and intellectual).

My claim to fame is having my (now retired) open source project referenced in the O'Reilly book "Asterisk the future of telephony" in the manager interface (AMI) section. OpenCSTA linked the switching network to the computing network covering the OSI 7 layer model. CSTA is an ECMA standard first defined with ASN.1 notation and later with XML versions.

I jumped into crypto tech after a costly business arrangement to see what innovation existed. Without much in resources I began with old hardware mining a few different algos and a small cloud mining contract to see if it was scammy, enlightened by the possibilities from day-to-day.

I joined the slack in November 2017 and never left. I was drawn in by a YouTube interview of ca333 explaining the automated command line portfolio management in the BarterDEX API. The manner of making (and being able to make) proof of concepts come into being at a low-level appealed to me.

Komodo Platform (project) have an informal pilot of having a student intern writing a DEX web app with some small mentoring from myself. This is a program I would like to see develop further within the Komodo project (not solely Pioneers) but in a small token of the commitment to making Komodo a better project in every way possible. In a similar way, all knowledge of being a good Notary Node Operator will be shared within our team to make our tech team stronger - and what is good for our team will also be shared amongst other NN operators.

Voting addresses

  • Southern Hemisphere (SH) Notary Node:
  • European (EU) Notary Node:
  • Z-Address for private voting:

Send your votes to the above addresses! Thanks for supporting the Pioneer vision!

Contact & Follow Us:

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Come, visit our channel and ask questions. Komodo Slack: channel #pioneers

You may also approach us directly via email. hello@komodopioneers.com

Komodo is offering astonishing technology, and it is time to start to spread the word! Share Our Infographic

Disclosure: Every team member in KomodoPioneers is participating for the 1st time in the elections. Audo, Mylo and diesmaster are Komodo team members.