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Libscott Notary Node proposal


Who am I?

  • Programmer of 11 years.
  • Proud to be working with Komodo since 2017.
  • Specialist in smart contracts, state machines, data structures etc.

What am I doing?

I am the author of two implementations of interledger crypto-conditions, in Haskell and C. I have also done the first integration of Crypto-Conditions into the bitcoin scripting language; for Komodo! This was done with the addition of a script opcode.

I am designing a protocol for cross chain contract settlements (ie to enable chips).

This protocol will open up a wide range of smart contract possibilities, with applications running on Komodo asset-chains. Additionally, the inclusion of Crypto-Conditions into the Komodo network will provide a high degree of connectivity via the rest of the crypto ecosystem, principally via Ripple's InterLedger protocol (ILP). ILP is a cross chain settlement layer for atomic swaps.

In case you are wondering, the key difference between atomic swaps and cross chain contract settlements is that contract settlements are not atomic, they are backed by on-chain code to verify contract states.

Why vote for me?

  • Running a notary node will give me a broader experience of the Komodo platform.
  • The additional income will help me to support myself.
  • I am excited about Komodo and truly looking forward to seeing what we can achieve!


  • SH: REEGE6drFqGLpxiA1mhfcb5R9MndnaD1cy
  • EU: RVMtoPmL8SiHCXSceMmxwpScAhDgsVvTZc

Z Address

For privacy: zcCXFao1EMQoYzsM1pugvvSG23LoGJJpS8KaAVstd1WdSdUpgmiW8NTs9TUmcXGZuV3WhM2FNL7DGYB1Mp7fsMvYAv44YPY

Node specs

Nodes will be optimised for connectivity and latency rather than CPU power, however, in the case of winning I will run multiple redundant nodes per region.


Outside collaborator on Komodo, as detailed above!

Thank you!