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EU Notary Candidate

"Securitas, Aequitas, Prosperitas"

We first learned about Komodo while researching fundraising options for the Lumberscout project (s. whitepaper below). We worked with jl777, ca833, PTYX, Nabob and others to get the TALLY assetchain up and running. We've also created an ERC20 TLY token that will use etomic to bridge assetchains.

As an etomic pioneer we will work to bridge the gap between BTC and ETH tokens. All notary proceeds will be used to fund further development of the Lumberscout platform with a special emphasis on live inventory integration of tradable, certified assets.

As an economic operator with "skin in the game", dPoW is not an abstract concept to us. The life or death of our financial ecosystem depends on it. If you vote for us, you can rest assured that we will never compromise your interests, because to do so would be to compromise our own. Over the course of 2018, we would like to see cross-chain dPoW algorithms to keep transaction fees low while adding dPoW redundancy.

Send us your vote2018 !



KMD Public:


Lumberscout Whitepaper:



  • We are not node operators.

  • We are not a part of the core Komodo team, nor have agreements with team members.

  • We do not have agreements with other candidates.