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Dear Komodo investor, time has come for a second election of Notary Nodes!

If you know a bit about Komodo / SuperNET project, you already have understood that the main and crucial role of a good Notary Node operator is to... run excellent and secured Notary Node(s).
You certainly also know the purpose of a Notary Node is to notarize the assetchains' tx on the Komodo blockchain, and to notarize the Komodo's tx on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In one sentence, the Komodo dPoW technology permits to any assetchain you would want to create on the platform to benefit from the SECURITY of Bitcoin, combined with the PRIVACY allowed by SNARKS tech from Zcash

So, when voting, please consider choosing a true notarizer!
No cool picture, great website or big announcement here, just facts.

About the node:

pubkey: "0284af1a5ef01503e6316a2ca4abf8423a794e9fc17ac6846f042b6f4adedc3309"

KMD t-address (to vote transparently): "RRrqjqDPZ9XC6xJMeKgf7GNHjiU88hJQ16"

KMD z-address (to vote with privacy): "zc8Wqq6FguDZU1hgNXX1nNdpE86ApArNbsAyb4uh6u2YNawNhazjYA8eTYBmRmYoVkcepEWigvjLomh8pkaZKx7h6JzXZTv"

Server specs - Sydney - AUS
Xeon E3-1245v5 (4c/8t) -enough right now, planning to upgrade with at least Xeon E5-2650v3 (20c/40t)-
64Go DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
2x 450 GB SSD NVMe -enough right now, planning to upgrade with at least 2x 1.2 TB SSD NVMe-
1Gbps bandwidth (tested DL 900Mbps UL 750Mbps)
DDOS mitigation

About the operator:

Early SuperNET follower, i'm 41 years old, father of 3, in IT for 25 years, crypto enthusiast for 5 years and Notary Node Operator for 1 year

disclosure: I currently manage a Notary Node in AR region (metaphilibert_AR, pubkey "02adad675fae12b25fdd0f57250b0caf7f795c43f346153a31fe3e72e7db1d6ac6")
Elected last year, it is one of the most efficient nodes in terms of notarizations (top 5), and it is re-elected this year.

Why to vote for my SH node:

-I feel very confident in my capacity of running many other nodes but the diversity of Notary Nodes Operators is really important to me, that's why i (as an individual -no team-) will only apply to this SH spot

-I setup my candidate node in less than 8h and it was part of the first notarization of current "testnet" (launched March 15th, 300+ notarizations so far)

-if elected i will eat my sausage live on youtube at the Neuchatel Komodo Event in June.

To vote wisely, please document yourself and check notarization stats (including those of current NN operators trying to be re-elected)

rem: jl777 allocated an amount of 100K VOTE2018 to be distributed to the addresses that were notarizing on the current "testnet", proportional to their notarizations stats.

I will send the VOTE2018 i would recieve as reward for these testnet notarizations to newcomers in this election (they already proven their dedication and their capacity of understanding, adaptation and collaboration, good luck all) they are great candidates this year and i will be glad to notarize with them, elected or not!

If you want to know more about me:

-aug 2014: investing in BTCD, even mining it in SHA256 in short POW phase (and still afterwards, thanks to crackers xpool/zpool)

-2014-2016: watching the NXT drama

-sep 2016: mining some KMD for fun

-nov 2016: NN candidature for NA and AR (only elected in AR)

-jan 2017: doubled the KMD hashrate with putting some GPU power (thanks to fhavik, then to xrobesx)

-jan 2017 till now: living some exciting adventures with NN operators
ex: the story of the Frozen Chosen Ones for the block 246748 (tm)
feel free to revive it at https://sprnt.slackarchive.io/notarynode/page-3

-apr 2017: i was responsible of the first assetchain listed on a centralized exchange (Wirelesscoin on Cryptopia)

-aug 2017: little mining contribution during the first days of a newborn chain called CHIPS

-sep 2017 to now: i set up some komodochainz explorers like CHIPS, WLC, (sorry for kmd.komodochainz.info, it is a bad boy)

-june 2017: i was present at the very nice SuperNET meetup in Amsterdam (want to see a totally unprepared video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnwKcJDVQV0)

-end of 2017: tried to help as much as i can for the last BTCD swap

-beginning of 2018, monitoring assetchains notarizations, i made the simple but effective aclistunspent and acsplit scripts

-lately: seeing the born of the "testnet", and feeling happy with helping the new candidates to notarize <-- many great potentials there


thank you for your time and consideration