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I'm currently a notary note operator in Asia, I am the only one in China behind the Big FIrewall.(:I like brake walls :) My node was operating 99% of last year, showing I am very dedicated to the service of the platform. I think it is necessary to have one of the 16 nodes of Asia in one of the most populated countries in the world, due to the recent government ban of centralised exchanges.

I am also going to present to the other regions and offer the same high level commitment that I have always given.

Vote regions AR RVUkdCh4xiY1EPQP47Ypd1vh1CvnVANaa6 Z Address zcUjFeRZ6sW66PpRA7ietdDifXmk196hQBuTYo4mZGKLUkEcYoJTc1LMJ4Qh1nE5z6pPb69CgMU83zGfiYvhL5bFTAdB8Pw

NA RMZk9UQYto6o5jxwHQebTBYFfqw5NDAMoG SH RSQ1RYhjXVEcAZREUYfQxKMmD2gVHZrMwH EU RVeeDrbKvyJsotEifz88sfx7ybvNS4Xmpb

Upload PDF tomorrow I need sleep :)