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Hello, thank you for reading my application!

Every month I will donate 50% of the mined KMD to a good cause (Topic: Children (Anti-Child-Abuse programs; Education)).

I will propose at least 3 different projects every month and let the Komodo-Community vote on how many % each project should get.

I won 3 slots in the last elections and did keep them up & stable since then.

Notary Node Operators have to be reliable, trustworthy and tech-savy!

I am

  • Trustworthy (Community-Member since Day 1 (SuperNET), 1 of 3 ICO-Wallet-Key holders, managing various Komodo Platform domains, Slack workspace founder, managing Komodo wages payout, …)

  • Reliable (Online every day, thus able to update whenever necessary!)

  • Tech-Savy (My nodes are secure - I use ssh-keys to access them & run only software that is really necessary. I do regular security checks & update Linux daily)

I am running for 2 Slots (already active & notarizing) in: NA & Asia.

NA Voting Address: RT2JyVts5tb1prC7KYykmznrqw7VXJo1HB
Asia Voting Address: RDY9LJZTEJ9FsvugUuD69gceA98uqan5XL

Z-Address: zcF5yEhSAtxvRSYXzz9iLgqnsJirieTVuEo6e7yiRe7MzqppYS3yMzh7sKT2UYJ9ZLrZHTL3rTrT47xXq5iscgLpXdiRZY8