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Image of peer2cloud

We believe in the Komodo vision and have been involved in Supernet since 2014"

Consulta nuestra propuesta en Español - Check our exciting PDF proposal HERE

A real dream team of more than 10 people. You can find us on slack:

  • @experimenter Devops & sysadmin IT team manager with +10 years experience

  • @Virginia Marketing and community manager

  • @Kimmel Peer2 group founder & community member since 2014

We will share up to 60% of our revenue through different means


Our Z Anonymous address (Read Disclaimer)

  • Z Private address:zceSxVNQDYrgwaBxkfzT8CDdxGHu7bU7Nyt1uJsFiopsbJNhvqLV5PJyCDPBJB2CLJv1siwwYwgsABQ2J9b8ZS2DNiBZTYA

South Hemisphere (S. Africa)

  • Regular transparent addressRPRN6iRfchVciLbrTHFZ6EZ67TAiWE2wbf

Russia & Asia (Singapore)

  • Regular transparent address RDRKrwZ9GRNHqU2jkefhzFHwPbHgADZA1f


  • Voting mechanics and rules: https://goo.gl/Y4nRMY

  • To cast an anonymous vote, consider voting from Transparent Address to our Z Address. An example here: T -> Z tx so incoming address is clear, but not who you voted.

  • An example of how anonymous Voting with Z transactions will be (yes - public data, No - not public)

    • Sending from t to z, input address yes, amount yes, ouput address no - PREFERRED OPTION
    • Sending from z to t, input address no, amount yes, output address yes
    • Sending from: z to z: input address no, amount no, output address no
  • We don't recommend fully anonymous from Z to Z address because a detailed check and proof would be needed to share revenue, after elections.

  • Also make sure to NOT send any VOTE2018 from addresses you don't control! (exchanges, etc.)

  • We have not been operating nodes during 2017 and we don't have any secret partnerships with Komodo Team members. Our revenue share is clear in our published proposal and there isn't any other side deals appart from the information provided in the proposal and announced publicly.