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Hello All,

Most of you probably know me so i will keep this short.

I am standing for election on behalf of Team Hyper. Team Hyper is dedicated to making sure the KMD ecosystem thrives which is why they have funded the development of HyperDEX, a grandma friendly GUI for barterDEX.

alt text

SH Node: RCu5EdDcnrM4LtuBPNZG8iyu2MF2mWscHu 02c7f03453b556c4ecd9944330afe2c24d705f328f1a11361589521fbf36d6a3b0

EU Node: RDsZf7wcMvST9RoKpY8EU7RJ8i3rMRt5Uo 03fe3edbb3cc4f8c057f15b86bff7fb68b61a6dcba1706b11a20bf81926bc281fa

Zaddress: zc8X6KhgdWYw3DS2FFh6c4EEqsLSwnvg7YJ5Yufr8iNNsxZPWbgB48T1woFTokG8QKcNYxDtYRSAvEN1My1kXQEmigxRRE2

Disclosures: Luke Childs has been hired to build the gui and is also standing for election.