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TheGaltMines Team Proposal


Please visit thegaltmines.io for even more details on us and take a look at our infographic posted here with this document on github. What follows is a summary of our proposal.

Juan has done a video of our proposal as well if you want to view it.

The Team

Juan Galt - Crypto Educator & Strategist

Juan has five years of experience in the cryptocurrency space with over 300 articles and videos. He is a Strategist, Consultant, Public Speaker and a Komodo Ambassador since 2017. He is a regular guest on The Crypto Show and The BitcoinMeister Cryptocurrency Show.

His is an early adopter of Komodo and Supernet and was responsible for writing portions of the old Supernet Wiki.

He has also written in-depth articles describing the founding infrastructure of what we now know as Barterdex.

Ryan Herbison - Server Administration

Ryan has a twenty-five year background in networking, communications, and internet infrastructure having managed various Internet Serve Providers in Canada. Experienced in Linux server administration and network security.

He has managed our NA Node for the past yearm and we have managed to stay in the top 10 of all Notary Nodes. Ryan will continue to operate our notary server on a full-time basis.

Travis Boyd - Business Infrastructure

Travis is a technological generalist with 20 years of experience constructing and operating IT infrastructure, including off-grid power systems and tower construction.

For the last decade, he has owned and operated and independent ISP in the rurual US cover around 1000 square km. He built our North America hosting facility and will be constructing our second Galt Mines facility in Southern Chile at Fort Galt, where he also serves as the IT advisor and subcontractor.

Why Vote For Us

A Competent Team

We bring together a team of very competent people two of which have an extensive business background and who are more than capable of operating IT infrastructure, handling security and even brand awareness. Juan through his evangelism and love for crypto brings brand awareness to the Komodo Platform. All of his videos carry his "Sponsored by Komodo" introduction which is his exclusive advertiser and sponsor. Juan regularly attends conferences and 5% of revenue from any newly elected notary nodes we get will go to support his travel and marketing expenses.

You can find some of his work below


Shenlong's Den

One of the things we want to do for Komodo this year is creating a private fund for Komodo projects and services we like to call Shenlong’s Den.

The idea is simple. You have a project, you propose it to us and make an ask for funding, we analyze it and decide whether or not and how to deliver capital to your project.

The 3 of us at The Galt Mines make final decisions on funding, which I believe will help bring more accountability to blockchain funding of community services then has been seen in other projects like DASH or Pivx.

Business Strategy and Legal Protections

Last but not least we take very seriously the disruptive potential of Komodo, both as a way to bring zcash grade anonymity to other coins thru BarterDex, but also as a way to have them benefit from Bitcoin’s security while making their own core development decisions, as blockchains in their own right. This is the great innovation behind the notary system which from my 4+ years of experience in this market is very unique.

And of course atomic swap non-custodial exchange. What else needs to be said? Komodo has serious potential.

With that in mind we are looking to create a space to discuss legal defense strategies starting with the way North American institutions might look at Komodo, but also, ideally exploring how we stand in legal terms worldwide.

We believe it will be important to pay attention to this side of things in the coming years and starting this conversation now with the right people will allow us to be prepared and not surprised if legal attacks do come.

Election Details and How To Vote For Us!

This year we would like to take on the responsibility of up to three more notary nodes. We have carefully selected what we think are some of the better locations for each one. If we get a Southern Hemisphere node we intend to re-locate it to Chile when our datacenter is complete later in 2018.

Below are the locations and the addresses including a z-address for private voting. Send VOTE2018 tokens to the addresses shown below. Thank you for your support, we look forward to help build the Komodo Platform.

Southern Hemisphere – Sao Paolo, Brazil

RUCYSpGn2H8kMc631FLaBxJzma5Nekvft1 zcQNRgu2tUCTWbYdobCXx4cB5ZHGa6up4iigZA6jVvPSVhZrZ827V8oX36AQTTdYCaePqhQdZ6WBnCTcXCGtCnVSjJe41vp

Europe – Reykjavik, Iceland

RAusaHRqdMmML3szif3Wai1ZSEWCyu7X9Y zcH8CwcCHXRxzJ8kYCsv45nzEAG8URjg849QSdF3X4m752j1Nhc8QnABN9akFy98iFttFd19rxyD1wRAiEPpFpNrwXJ6NoF

Asia – Tokyo, Japan

RNr5ohVaEusDCngp9pgWWYSc1YaWdMfjUH zcG2ZB5v7JYeZPg9DyqSHBu9gRVRJcku2MNFsnrKvnyep7dg9FjuKG1URtPSzCEekrFMgaswWFVfQmx9WRE5gbGxihRX8n4

Contact Us

Komodo Slack Channel