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Communicate in test_bind

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ArtemGr committed Apr 13, 2019
1 parent ac1c7f5 commit 86285682aade246435f9dfd710e0f371f870a67e
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@@ -13,28 +13,19 @@
* *
// marketmaker
// portfolio to set prices from historical
// portfolio value based on ask?
// else claim path
// dPoW security -> 4: KMD notarized, 5: BTC notarized, after next notary elections
// bigendian architectures need to use little endian for sighash calcs
// improve critical section detection when parallel trades
// use electrum in case of addr change in swap
// locktime claiming on sporadic assetchains
// there is an issue about waiting for notarization for a swap that never starts (expiration ok)

use common::{coins_iter, lp, lp_queue_command_for_c, slurp_url, os, CJSON, MM_VERSION};
use common::log::TagParam;
use common::mm_ctx::{MmCtx, MmArc};
use crc::crc32;
use futures::{Future};
use futures::stream::Stream;
use gstuff::now_ms;
use hex;
use hyper::{Request, Body, StatusCode};
use hyper::service::Service;
use libc::{self, c_char, c_void};
use peers;
use portfolio::prices_loop;
@@ -45,18 +36,20 @@ use std::fs;
use std::ffi::{CStr, CString};
use std::io::{Cursor, Read, Write};
use std::mem::{transmute, zeroed};
use std::net::{IpAddr, Ipv4Addr, TcpListener};
use std::net::{IpAddr, Ipv4Addr, SocketAddr, TcpListener};
use std::path::Path;
use std::ptr::null_mut;
use std::str;
use std::str::from_utf8;
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicBool, Ordering};
use std::thread::{self, sleep};
use std::time::Duration;
use tokio_core::{net as tnet};

use crate::common::{rpc_response, HyRes, CORE};
use crate::mm2::lp_network::{lp_command_q_loop, seednode_loop, client_p2p_loop};
use crate::mm2::lp_ordermatch::{lp_trade_command, lp_trades_loop};
use crate::mm2::rpc::{self, SINGLE_THREADED_C_LOCK};
use crate::mm2::rpc::{self, HTTP, SINGLE_THREADED_C_LOCK};

#include <stdio.h>
@@ -1426,6 +1419,7 @@ const BITCOIND_RPC_INITIALIZING: AtomicBool = AtomicBool::new (false);
// See if the CRC32 we have in Rust matches the C version.
fn test_crc32() {
use crc::crc32;
use libc::c_void;
assert_eq! (crc32::checksum_ieee (b"123456789"), 0xcbf43926);
assert_eq! (unsafe {lp::calc_crc32 (0, b"123456789".as_ptr() as *mut c_void, 9)}, 0xcbf43926);
@@ -1574,16 +1568,44 @@ pub unsafe fn lp_passphrase_init (ctx: &MmArc, passphrase: Option<&str>, gui: Op

/// Temporarily binds on the given IP and port to check if they're available.
/// Returns `false` if the `ip` does not belong to a connected interface or if it is already taken.
/// Returns `false` if the address did not work
/// (like when the `ip` does not belong to a connected interface or is already taken).
fn test_bind (ip: IpAddr, port: u16) -> bool {
let bindaddr = fomat! ((ip) ':' (port));
match TcpListener::bind(&bindaddr) {
Ok(_) => true,
Err(e) => {
log!("Error " (e) " binding to " (bindaddr));
let bindaddr = SocketAddr::new (ip, port);
let listener = match tnet::TcpListener::bind2 (&bindaddr) {Ok (tl) => tl, Err (_) => return false};

// The bind just always works on certain operating systems.
// To actually check the address we should try communicating on it.
// Reusing a likeness of `rpc::spawn_rpc` HTTP server for that.

struct RpcService;
impl Service for RpcService {
type ReqBody = Body; type ResBody = Body; type Error = String; type Future = HyRes;
fn call (&mut self, _request: Request<Body>) -> HyRes {
rpc_response (200, "k")
let server = listener.incoming().for_each (move |(socket, _my_sock)| {
CORE.spawn (move |_| HTTP
.serve_connection (socket, RpcService)
.map(|_| ())
.map_err (|err| log! ({"test_bind] HTTP error: {}", err})));
}) .map_err (|err| log! ({"test_bind] accept error: {}", err}));

// Finish the server `Future` when `shutdown_rx` fires.
let (shutdown_tx, shutdown_rx) = futures::sync::oneshot::channel::<()>();
let server = server.select2 (shutdown_rx) .then (|_| Ok(()));
CORE.spawn (move |_| server);

let url = fomat! ("http://" if ip.is_unspecified() {""} else {(ip)} ":" (port));
let rc = slurp_url (&url) .wait();
let _ = shutdown_tx.send(());
if let Ok ((StatusCode::OK, _h, body)) = rc {
body == b"k"
} else {

pub fn lp_init (mypullport: u16, mypubport: u16, conf: Json, c_conf: CJSON) -> Result<(), String> {

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