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Kona API

This is the official API documentation for Kona ( This is a REST API that uses JSON for serialization and OAuth 2.0 for authentication.

The API is available to Kona Business accounts. To learn more about Kona Business, please visit or, if you are interested in other integrations or extensibility, feel free to email us at

Making a request

All API end-points start with and are SSL only. If we change the API such that it is no longer backward-compatible then we will release a new version. Newer versions of the API will be accessible by setting the specific version in an accept header. Note: Do not rely on ordinal position for response parsing; response[3]. Rather, use the JSON keys provided; response['name'].

Making a request to create a space in curl would look like this:

curl \
  -d  '{ "spaces": [{ "name": "My New Space" }] }' \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer access_token' \

The access_token is the user's OAuth access token. See Authentication for more information on how to retreive an access token.

See responses for more information on what is returned for requests.


All GET requests that return multiple results support pagination. By default, we send back a maximum of 25 items per page. You may override the default by passing { per_page: YOUR_NUMBER, page: CURRENT_PAGE } as root level nodes in the request. We plan on adding next and prev urls to the response in order to make paging simpler on the client.

Date and Time

The datetime values that we return are in Unix time format in milliseconds i.e. 13 digits. Our APIs accept datetime values in Unix time GMT, either in seconds or milliseconds. We also accept datetime values in "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.SSS".

Available API sections

Help us make it delightful

We want to help you succeed using the Kona API. If you have a specific feature request or if you found a bug, please use GitHub Issues to report.