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InterNestor Lite

InterNestor Lite is a TCP/IP stack that works on MSX2/2+/Turbo-R with at least 128K RAM. It supports two kinds of hardware: serial port (RS-232) with modem, and the Ethernet UNAPI.

The sources are intended to be assembled with the MSX assembler Compass, however you can compile them with Sjasm 0.39h using the -c switch (which enables the Compass compatibility mode). Example using the Windows command line:

sjasm -c inl-tran.asm inl-tran.dat
sjasm -c inl-res.asm inl-res.dat
copy /b inl-tran.dat+inl-res.dat

InterNestor Lite implements the TCP/IP UNAPI specification, therefore you can use it to run the compatible networking software.

Binaries, documentation and more resources are available at Konamiman's MSX page.

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